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Gangtok: Cruelty towards animal is a punishable crime under Section 429 of the Indian Penal Code read with Section 11 of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. On September 10, social media was abuzz with one such case meted against a six-year-old cross-breed dog from Arithang in Gangtok, Sikkim.

The picture of a dog, seen covered with a blanket, was posted on social media describing how some miscreants had cruelly beaten up the animal, inflicting several wounds.

However, what has come to light now is even more alarming as the post-mortem report points towards ‘beastility’; meaning, it may have been sexually abused as well.

The social media post brought shockwaves, as there has been no such case on record so far in the picturesque Himalayan state. Beastility is a crime punishable under Section 377 of the IPC, terming it illegal. The owner of the pet dog found his dog missing on September 10, filing an FIR for the animal, which was still missing. However, the same evening, the dog was found lying on the road towards Arithang with wounds all over its body. The dog was rushed to the state government’s veterinary polyclinic, but sadly it lost its life on September 11.

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The postmortem report, which was made available to the Sikkim Police on Monday, ascertained that there was some form of forceful penetration or foreign object being inserted into the rectum of the pet dog. The veterinarian and medical superintendent at the polyclinic, while speaking with EastMojo on Tuesday, said, “In the anal region, there is some form of mutilation, there is penetration, there is rupture, there is tear, but we cannot ascertain it is due to bodily object or any other kind of foreign object. But in definition of beastility, we are not sure if that qualifies, which has to be ascertained by the judiciary and the Sikkim Police. There is no presence of semen as the dog tends to lick its wounds while it has also been raining for days. We are not 100% sure but it is a case of cruelty towards an animal and a very severe one.”

A lot of question is raised on the mentality of culprits but they are still at large. Speaking with EastMojo, the investigating officer said: “It’s a blind case with no witnesses so far. We are trying to track down on the culprits behind the heinous act. There are two suspects, but we have not gathered concrete evidence to ascertain them as culprits. As per report, there is some form of insertion into the rectum region, so it is a case of animal cruelty with beastility yet to be ascertained.”

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