The eastern most part of India โ€“ specifically the northeastern states that are separated from the rest of the country by a narrow corridor of land, aptly called the ‘chicken’s neck’ — has long been the proverbial cog in the wheel of this mighty nation. We, however, feel it is time to change that perception. We, at East Mojo, know and believe that this remote but functionally significant region of the country has a lot to offer, and we’re not just talking about its green valleys and undulating hills. As a mouthpiece of this region, we intend to give the ‘nation’ what it hasn’t been represented with till today — ‘the eastern opinion’.

In order to do that, we decided to tweak the story a bit. Apart from the traditional modes of reporting, we decided to adopt new media technologies that will present the news-hungry and tech-savvy consumer content (reports, essays, analytical pieces, commentaries, etc.) that are both viewable and accessible, thanks to fun formats such as info-graphics, interactive applications and audio-visual media.

But all that without compromising on quality and authenticity. Our ‘mojo’ will be the network of citizen-reporters from across the region who will be trained in mobile journalism or ‘MoJo’, an emerging form of new media storytelling. This set of reporters will be the medium of change. Our mobile-first platform aims to revolutionize the way news and content are viewed and consumed. A core team of senior journalists, aided by innovative fact-checking tools, will form the backbone of this network. We envisage to be a balanced, unbiased and factually-correct news platform. We intend to be the ‘mojo’ that will excite not only millennials but users across the spectrum.

Apart from being hardcore journalists, we are also a close-knit and witty bunch of people who love to welcome others with similar interests. The common strand that holds us together is our love for eclectic music and good food dotted with cups of fragrant Assam tea and biscuits. In the hot and humid borders of tropical climate that so defines this region in summers, itโ€™s the ‘can-do-it’ spirit of the team that keeps us going. Read us, view us, support us and help us bring the ‘mojo’ back to the region.

Independent and Public Spirited Media Foundation has provided financial support to EastMojo for the purpose of reporting and publishing stories of public interest. IPSMF does not take any legal or moral responsibility whatsoever for the content published by EastMojo on its website or on any of its other platforms.