Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced a special military operation in Ukraine, days after diplomatic attempts to avert war-like situations between the two countries.

Putin announced on Thursday that the operation was being done to defend separatists in the east and the country claims to have destroyed Ukraine’s air bases and air defences.

US president Joe Biden, on the other hand, said that the world will hold Russia ‘accountable’ for the war after imposing sanctions earlier in an attempt to stop Putin.

Amid all this, some Indian media organisations believe that Narendra Modi’s attempt at intervention can ‘stop’ what they predict to be an impending World War.

#WorldWar3, #WWIII, #RussiaUkrainConflict, #StopWorldWar, #Putin, #Kyiv, #Ukraine are all trending on the social media platform Twitter today and here’s what netizens are sharing in the midst of all the speculation and chaos.

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