A 360-degree camera can capture images from each direction. Many users prefer such cameras to record cinematic shots. Brands like GoPro, Insta360, Ricoh among others offer 360-degree cameras. The cameras are easy-to-use, whether you want to capture videos or stills, but something that doesn’t come handy is the editing bit.

To edit 360-degree content can be complicated at times. GoPro has its application GoPro Player for turning the 360 footage into traditional videos and photos. The company launched GoPro Player for Windows in August 2020. Now, what’s new? GoPro has introduced new features to improve its desktop interface for a better experience.

As per the company’s official release, the new features in the GoPro Player include:

Add motion blur: This feature helps shaky footage to look more natural.

Lens correction: Easily remove fisheye distortion that might be occurring as a result of visible optical curving.

Ability to extract a 2D image from a 360 photo: Users can quickly extract a standard 2D image from any 360 photo.

Reframe: Experiment with views, choose the best shots and instantly create cinematic transitions with a click of a key frame using this feature.

Export + Edit: Users can export both spherical and traditional .mp4 files that are compatible with other editing software and are ready to be shared on social.

Convert 360 videos: Use the player to export in standard 360 formats for YouTube, Vimeo and more.

Frame grab: You can take out a frame from any of your 360 or traditional videos using this feature and use it as a photo.

Horizon leveling: Adjust the horizon in your videos to keep it level whether you’re getting sideways, running or doing backflips.

World lock: Set the orientation of your 360 videos and minimize rotation in your footage.

Trim: Trim with frame-by-frame accuracy to keep only the parts you want in your videos.

Playback: View all videos and photos from your GoPro Max camera right in the player.

The company has its famous 360-camera by the name GoPro Max. For the unversed, users can also create 360 content by using GoPro Hero 9 Black. The latest Hero 9 Black comes with a Max Lens Mod option.

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