Surajit has been fascinated with dancing since childhood and is a self-trained dancer Credit: File Image

The now viral dance video of Surajit Tripura has been the talk of town since Wednesday, which was published by EastMojo after a customer filmed him dance during a personal celebration at the restaurant.

The nineteen-year-old dancing sensation, who works as a guest service associate at Absolute Barbecue (AB’s) in Guwahati, Assam hails from a village called Saboom in Tripura.

EastMojo caught up with Surajit and got to know what makes the dancer. Having completed his higher secondary from Brajendra Nagar Higher Secondary School in Tripura in 2019, Surajit left to work at Absolute Barbecue in Bangalore. During the lockdown, he moved to Guwahati and joined Absolute Barbecue’s restaurant here.

The management noticed his dancing talent and encouraged him to perform during personal celebrations of guests. His incredible flexibility and perfect locking and popping have now made him an internet star, and people are sharing his video and encouraging his talent.

Surajit started dancing at a very young age, idolizing his uncle and celebrity dancer Raghav Jugal, who shared Surajit’s dance video on Instagram.

Watch his story here:

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Expressing his joy on becoming the latest internet sensation, Surajit said he is overwhelmed by the way guests and staff at AB’s treat him now. It is no less than a dream for him to see the guests talking nicely to him, asking him to dance with them and taking selfies.

“When we came to know about Surajit’s dancing talent, we encouraged him to dance during staff parties and also in front of the guests at the restaurant. Soon, his dance become so popular that guests visited our restaurant just to see him dance. One of them made a video when Surajit was dancing, which has now gone viral,” said Utpal Das, Cluster Manger at AB’s.

Surajit has been fascinated with dancing since childhood and is a self-trained dancer. He practiced dancing from a very early age watching YouTube videos.

Surajit is supported by his colleagues, boss and family to continue his dancing to make a name in the field of dancing.

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