Breakfast has become an absolute favourite meal to eat out and the choice, quality and creativity in the city has made that experience so much easier and enjoyable Credit: Representational Image

The breakfast scene in Guwahati has tripled in size over the past 10 years. And it continues to grow with a new place popping up nearly every week. Well, it feels like that, anyway! Breakfast has become an absolute favourite meal to eat out and the choice, quality and creativity in the city has made that experience so much easier and enjoyable.

We’ve put together some of the best and cheap breakfast spots (in no particular order) that we’ve eaten at, loved and would recommend to you hungry lot out there. Not only will visiting these places give you a satisfactory meal, but you can also relish in the fact that you’re supporting small businesses when they need you the most.

11th Avenue, Dighalipukhuri

11th Avenue, Dighalipukhuri

Good food, warm inviting ambience and reasonably priced with free Wi-Fi makes 11th Avenue Café Bistro a go-to place for many. The café has both indoor and outdoor seating; think plus sofas, cane chairs, wooden tables and dim lighting. Their breakfast menu is extensive featuring English Breakfast (Rs 260), Vegan Delight (Rs 250), Egg Benedict Platter (Rs 240), Spanish Tortilla Platter (Rs 230), Chicken Schnitzel Platter (Rs 240) and more. However their best-seller is 11th Avenue Special – 2 Pancakes with butter, Hash Browns, Bread-Butter Toast, 2 Sunny-Side-Up Eggs, 2 Sausages, a bowl of Fresh Fruit in Cream and Yogurt, and Tea/Juice at just Rs 280! They also have an amazing range of flavoured tea pots (Rs 160) –Lemongrass Ginger, Fruity Roselle, Tropical Coconut, Tenga Green Tea.


Appetizer, Ulubari

A dreamy outdoor café adorned with fairy lights, colourful planters, and with red seating arrangement, Appetizer doesn’t only look good but also serves delicious food at pocket-friendly prices. If you’ve an eye for art and creativity, the wall near the counter, with cute illustrations representing Guwahati city, will have your heart. Some of their most-selling breakfast items are Veggie Tales Platter (Rs 130), Meaty Delight Platter (Rs 180), Stuffed Chicken and Cheese Omelette (Rs 80), Creamy Paneer Centre Filled Buns (Rs 80), Grilled Mexican Veg Sandwich (Rs 90), and Roti with Mixed Veg, Raita and Achaar (Rs 80). Our personal favourite is their Classic English Breakfast (Rs 110) – Toast with Jam/Butter, Fried Egg, Grilled Mushrooms/Sauteed Veggies, Chicken Sausage, French Fries and Juice.

Café Gram

Café Gram, Rajgarh Road

With a beautiful ambiance and even a better music selection, Café Gram is a popular spot amongst the youth. They are pocket-friendly, have free Wi-Fi, and the lovely outdoor space is our favourite. The breakfast selection features The English Breakfast (Rs 220), The Veg Thing (Rs 220), Sunrise on the Hill (Rs 220), and The Mediterranean (Rs 290). For the carnivorous, the Meat Fest is a deal to steal – 2 Chicken Sausages, 2 Bacon Strips, 2 Chicken Salami, Grilled Chicken Breast, French Fries and Juice – all at just Rs 290! They also have a wide variety of Pancakes and Crepes. The Chicken-Mushroom and Cheese Crepe served with Sunny-Side-Up (Rs 165) is a must-try.

6 Thir(s)ty

6 Thir(s)ty, Uzan Bazar

If you don’t mind the interiors and are looking for a hearty breakfast, 6 Thir(s)ty is for you! Variety is the game here. Think Aloo Parantha served with Chole and Curd (Rs 110), Lucchi Mangsho (Rs 135), Chicken Crepe (Rs 170), Paneer Bhurji Toast (Rs 90), Chicken Mayo Sandwich (Rs 125), French Toast (Rs 85), Cheese Bomb Maggi (Rs 90), Chocolate Pancakes (Rs 115) and Waffles (Rs 110), you name it, they have it all. And if you’re looking for platters, go for The Mighty Breakfast (Rs 175) – a perfect spread of Chicken Sausages, 2 Eggs (fried/scrambled/boiled), Mashed Potatoes, 2 slices of Buttered Toast, Pancake, and Tea/Coffee/Sugarcane Juice. If you’re fitness conscious, you might want to order their Power Breakfast Smoothie (Rs 95) – a wholesome multi-cereal milkshake.

Golden Shrub

Golden Shrub, Christian Basti

If you take your morning tea and breakfast seriously, Golden Shrub is the place to be. Its ambience is homely and with minimal interior work. Some of the crowd pleasers are Bread with Baked Beans and Tea (Rs 160), English Breakfast Platter (Rs 299), and Veg Breakfast (Rs 270). However we suggest you to try out their Tuna Delight Platter (Rs 299) – Tuna, Baked Beans, Veggies, Choice of Eggs (omelette, poached, boiled), French Fries, and Cake. Team up with a cup of soothing Hibiscus Chamomile Tea (Rs 100) or Orange Lemongrass Tea (Rs 100). For the adventurous ones, there’s Wine Tea – a heady high-fired tea, this black tea packs quite a flavor punch and caffeine kick (Rs 100).

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