The video has now collected over 1 lakh views, and has incurred its fair share of reactions as well Credit: EastMojo image

The internet is filled with a variety of videos, each with its own unique flair of content. The variety of content available on the internet- specifically in social media might evoke a sense of satisfaction in some while others will be too disgusting to watch.

However, the video that we are talking about surely does not fall into any one of the categories. Ariya, a Twitter account shared a 43-second video of a girl and has now collected over 1 lakh views, and has incurred its fair share of reactions as well.

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So what is the video all about? Posted on October 25 on the Twitter account @priyochannie (ariya IS A SIEPOPPER) with the caption “….this a joke?” the video shows a woman who applies henna on her lips. Yes, the very mixture that one uses as a natural hair colouring agent or on the hands and feet to adorn on a gala occasion.

The girl in question is Brianah Christianson who appears to be fond of experimentation with make-up. Hence, she thought of using henna as a lip stain and even went on to make a video out of it which she shared on the internet.

As one can see in the video itself, Christianson squeezed some amount of red henna from a tube and then applied it on her lips with a brush. After leaving it on for about an hour she peeled off the henna and flaunted her henna stained lips.

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She can be heard saying in the video, “You have seen henna freckles. How about henna lips? I chose the red henna for my lips. I just wanted a natural, subtle red sheen. I began by filling in my lip line, and slowly kept building from the corner to the insides. I gave it one hour to set.”

So what was the Internet’s verdict? Reactions ranging from, “but- isnt this so dangerous like arent lips really sensitive why-” to “i can’t even bear the smell of henna how tf are they putting it in the lips” to even “w** cancel mehendi for white people” littered in the comment section of the post.

What are your reactions to it?

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