Founding members of Mizoram Civil Services Aspirant’s Society (MICSACS) interacting with media

Aizawl: Aiming to provide scholarships to meritorious students wishing to attend coaching classes for All India Services but lack the financial means to pay fees, a group of friends in Mizoram have come up with a new society called Mizoram Civil Services Aspirant’s Society (MICSACS).

Founded on August 24 2019, MICSACS also aims to give awareness about importance of All India Services and give proper guidance and counselling to aspiring students .

One of the founding members of the society, KC Lalmalsawmzauva, who is also an assistant professor at Mizoram University, said, “There is lack of awareness among the youths. Over facilitation and perks of Mizoram State Services,better than Central services has really affected the decline in joining AIS among Mizo youths. But this is not the fault of the State services but the politicians, who have short-sighted vision and corruption is in the system.”

Members of the society feel that the negative impact of 1972 UT politics and the continuation of political corruption has weakened the morale of the generation down the line. As a result, the Mizo youths of today, in general, are not tough enough when it comes to taking up jobs outside of Mizoram rather hovering around in their comfort zone.

Lalmalsawmzauva further added that corruption in the recruitment of teachers in elementary and high school has decreased education quality and erosion of value systems. “Education should be free from politics,” he said.

Moreover, MICSACS has already started accepting applications and they will have a written examination on March 20 after which personal interview of aspiring students will be held from April 1 to 3.

The selected students will then be trained during April and May, after which they will be sent to coaching classes at New Delhi.

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