Mizoram kid runs over neighbour’s chicken, rushes it to hospital

Guwahati: In a heart-warming story from the hill state of Mizoram, a young boy accidentally ran over his neighbour’s chicken with his cycle at Sairang in the state’s Aizawl district. On realising his mistake, the little gentleman rushed the hurt chicken to the nearest hospital with all the money he had.

His innocence and clean intentions reflection in his awe-worthy deed.

The little boy is an epitome of goodness and shows to us that all is not lost. He does something which we adults often forget to do these days. We don’t even bother to stop to catch a glimpse of a human bleeding on road, forget about animals.

The laudable deed of the little boy has gone viral on social media

The story, posted on Facebook by a user ‘Sanga Says’ on Tuesday, has gone viral and has been shared over 66,000 times and counting.

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