Aren’t potatoes just the best? They’re so versatile and complement almost every ingredient they’re cooked with, in almost any form. Be it fried, boiled, baked, steamed, fresh out of the farmer’s basket, or packaged in the form of chips.

Potatoes are the food we just can’t have enough of! But did you know that Potato can also breathe life into dull skin? Here are some ways by which you can extract essential nutrients out of the food to have healthier skin.

Remove dark circles

Potato is a safe and natural way to brighten up dark circles. Pop some potato slices in the fridge and then on your eyes for instant soothing and de-puffing of eyes.

Hair fall rescue

Combine potato juice and aloe vera gel, then massage into the scalp. Comb through the ends to fight hair fall.

Reduce dark spots and scars

Mix honey and juice from a potato. Apply to skin with a brush and leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly to visibly reduce spots and scars.

Shiny hair

Boil potatoes for about an hour. Take the potatoes out of the water and rinse your hair with it for lustrous shining locks.

Fight Acne

To help clear skin, apply potato juice directly on blemishes with a Q-tip or wipe the whole fare with potato juice just as you would a toner.

Brighten skin tone

Soak a tissue, paper towel, or washcloth in potato juice then drape over the face for a flawless complexion.

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