One thing we all know for sure is that our big blue beautiful planet Earth is very similar to us! She lives, breathes and ages just like us. She even falls sick like how we humans do. And most of the time, it is caused by us. Recycling is an important part of protecting the environment and helps conserve resources and energy, preserves valuable landfill space and supports a healthy environment. Whether you’re looking for eco-friendly ways to declutter or just trying to find out what you can recycle at home, we’ve plenty of practical and creative ideas for recycling at home or giving new life to old items. And what better than today, on World Environment Day, to get started?

Glass jars, plastic containers, cans

Glass and metal are easily recycled, but why not cut down on excess packaging and waste by reusing them? Glass jars and old coffee canisters make great containers for bulk pantry items, desk organizers or bathroom containers. Got a lot of leftover narrow-necked beer bottles? Make them into a set of drinking glasses! Or how about turning your plastic bottles and containers into planters or decorative light hangers?

Newspapers, magazines, and paper Bags

Overrun by paper? There are lots of great ways to re-purpose all the paper in your life. Get creative and create amazing and useful woven baskets and trays out of magazines and newspapers. Recycle newspapers, grocery bags and magazines as wrapping paper. How about DIY envelopes out of outdated calendar pages?

Electronics and accessories

Even if you’ve tried everything you can to revive your electronic device, laptop or computer, don’t just dump it in the garbage. You can donate it to charities that can fix it up or send it back to the manufacturer that will end up recycling the body and parts for other products. Some ink cartridge manufacturers will give you a prepaid label to mail back used-cartridges to recycle. Look into the manufacturers of your devices and find out about their recycling programs. If you’ve old CDs lying around, make artistic coasters by drawing or painting on them or coating the upper surface with magazine pictures and bottom surface with felt.

Old towels and clothes

Don’t toss out old towels and clothes! Cut them up into washable cleaning rags! You can also turn those torn t-shirts into beautiful braided rugs. And if you’ve got sewing skills, turn old flannels into reuseable dusters or bag cloth bags for your grocery shopping.

Other recycling tips that will take more work, but if you’re serious about green living, then continue on to these ways to recycle:

Make your own compost

You’ll be leaving your organic waste in a compost bin to decompose so that you can recycle the compost for plants. Be sure that you have the right container and put only decomposable items in.

Switch to cloth diapers & sanitary napkins

Using cloth diapers for your child may seem outdated, but women have done this for centuries. Same goes for sanitary napkins. There’re also several brands in the market promoting eco-friendly and reusable products.

Buy second-hand furniture

Check out second-hand furniture found on e-commerce sites or at retail stores. It’s one of the greatest ways to recycle furniture that is still usable and also reduces trash in the landfill.

True green living requires a lifestyle change. Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to having less garbage and wasted resources.

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