khali cable row 1
khali cable row 1

Dalip Singh Rana aka the Great Khali was best known for his years in the World Wrestling Entertainment from 2006 to 2014. Did he jump off the top ropes? No. Did he put on some weekly classic matches? No. Rana performed under the moniker ‘The Great Khali’ and was meant to be an unstoppable man.

Someone who couldn’t be beaten, someone who will always be an obstacle between you and your match win — that was his character and it worked perfectly. His signature moves — The Kahli Vice Grip and Khali Chop — are a call for the death angel, Thanatos.

As he celebrates his 47th birthday, allow us to give you a sneak peek into some of the previously unknown facts about the professional wrestler, promoter and actor hailing from Haryana:

the great khali

  • Before becoming a professional wrestler, the Great Khali worked as a labourer and also worked in a hotel in the Malabar hills. He was then selected in police through sports quota and even worked with the Punjab Police. He also continued his bodybuilding training along with the job.
  • He has won the title of Mr India Bodybuilder in 1995 and 1996. He was also selected for All-Pro Wrestling in the USA and it was in October 2000 when he made his first debut.
  • His first TV debut in the WWE was in April 2006 on the episode of Smackdown where he attacked the Undertaker.

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  • Rana aka the Great Khali has also appeared on the television reality show Big Boss in the year 2010 where he even finished as the first runner-up.
  • He has also starred in various films like The Longest Yard, Get Smart, MacGruber, Kushti, Ramaa: The Saviour and Houba.
  • Rana is also extremely religious and a follower of Indian spiritual guru Ashutosh Maharaj. He doesn’t drink nor smoke and meditates every day.
  • In 2015, he opened his wrestling school in Punjab, the Continental Wrestling Entertainment.

As the nickname of the unstoppable man, this professional wrestler did have some great highlights during his career in the WWE’s and in July 2007 he also became the first Indian world champion in WWE history.

Here are a few of his career highlight matches:

  • Judgement Day 2006: The Great Khali vs Undertaker

It took Khali less than ten minutes to beat Undertaker and that just says it all. I rest my case. There are only a notable few to have ever defeated this another big boy of the WWE series and Khali is one of them.

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  • World champion

This battle royale event for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship showcased many wrestlers locking horns against each other for the coveted title. With the likes of Batista, Finlay, Kane in the same ring it was a surprise that the ring did not just break down.

Edge, the previous title holder has just given up the title earlier in the Smackdown episode and it was none other than The Great Khali who shocked the world becoming the champion.

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