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Different kinds of cuisines are evolving and so is the style of cooking too. The traditional cooking style involved fermenting, cooking on low heat and canning. However, as now life has become busy and fast, there is no time left to cook food on slow heat. Hence, modern methods of cooking have developed such as fast processing, the addition of flavour extracts and preservatives and cooking on high heat hence traditional cooking are being replaced by these modern methods.

Apart from that, there are various reasons which we can comprehend to find the change in the traditional style of cooking.

Change in eating habits

Just compare as to what our grandparents ate and what we are eating now. You will ultimately realise how dramatically our eating habits have changed. Earlier, there were fewer choices in food but now with so many chefs taking over the food industry, we can find one new dish every day. Hence, people are more prone to fast food or ready to make food. If you do not have enough time to cook, you immediately head towards supermarket to buy those packed foods.

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Visiting the restaurants

Today we love to go out and try a new dish rather than cooking anything at home as so many new dining places and cafes have started. During our grandparents’ time, if there was any occasion, a special dish was cooked at home itself in case of traditional cooking.

New appliances

Although you cook using the same masala, modern appliances change the taste of food.  Food prepared with new tools has different taste. For example, earlier we used to make coriander paste using grindstone and now there is an electrical mixer grinder for it. Also, for cooking, people use non-stick and metal-based cookware.

Technology upgrade

Due to the Internet now cooking new dishes have become quite simple. A Punjabi can easily cook south Indian food using video tutorials. Similarly, Italian can try Chinese cooking style. In olden day’s people only used to cook their own traditional food. But now to learn new cooking style has become easy and much more advanced.

Health-conscious people

With a change in eating habits, people have eventually moved towards healthy diets. The traditional cooking style involved a lot of oily food to make food tastier. However, in today’s time, people are more prone to having fruits, less oily food, and dried foods. Thus, they avoid three square meals and even opt for food which involves more nutrients.


Traditional cooking style involved a lot of time such as kindling wood for fuel or using stone made of adobe stone. These days’ people have got tied up in work and so they do not get enough time for cooking. Hence, using electrical appliances cooking style has become faster and effortless. The traditional cooking style gradually departed as people wanted to utilize their time in other things.

Cooking from scratch

In olden days people used to cook food from scratch. They used to process the flour and then use it for further cooking. Now, various food items are available in the form of ready made packets or already processes in machines. You just have to buy them from the market and cook according to your requirement. It saves a lot of time. However, people doubt regarding the quality of contemporary food.

There has been a great shift in culture and eating style. Also, new innovations and advancement in Science have brought a difference in the cooking process. Hence, to conclude all this has brought significant alteration in traditional cooking style.

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