Card games are incredibly popular across India. Rummy and poker have long been go-to games to play online, but now, teen patti (otherwise known as तीन पत्ती, flash, flush, teen pathi, or 3 patti) has shifted into the limelight. This classic, straightforward, action-packed game of cards from the Subcontinent is now available as a real teen patti cash game online and is still played with a standard 52-card deck.

Being a staple of Hindu celebrations like Diwali, those who offer online teen patti in India never fail to find a player base. However, there’s a big difference between the run-of-the-mill free app and the best teen patti real cash game. The table game has been transformed into a live casino game, putting you opposite a professional croupier to play 3 patti in real-time via a live stream.

Here, we’re going through everything that you need to know to play the best teen patti real cash game. You’ll find out how to play, ranking hands, how to play 3 patti real money Paytm cash game, and much more. 

What is Teen Patti?

Teen patti is an Indian card game derived from the English card game of three-card brag, with a bit of the gameplay infused from poker as well. With teen patti meaning ‘three cards,’ the game aims to have the highest ranking hand at the end of the round.

Doing this, or being the last hand remaining after others fold, will win you the pot of bets placed at the beginning of the round. It really is that simple, but it’s made even more exciting by the choice to play the hand blind or seen from the start or later in the round. While the game is primarily down to the luck of the deal, there is an element of player-vs-player cleverness that influences the outcome of each round.

In the best teen patti real cash game online, you play against the live dealer. You and the dealer are dealt a hand, with their hand face down. You then decide to bet or fold before to then reveal the round’s winner. There are also some teen patti real cash game apk downloads that don’t feature a human dealer. These are more akin to app games, where a computer program runs the game. 

How to play Teen Patti at an Online Casino

Playing the best teen patti real cash game online is a little bit different from playing around a table with family and friends. Instead, here’s what you can expect from a round of 3 patti at an online casino.

  • Sign up with an online casino that you trust.
  • Deposit money so that you can play a real cash teen patti game.
  • Select the teen patti game to play.
  • When prompted, pick your chips and bet.
  • See the cards dealt with you and the dealer.
  • Decide to Play or Fold.
  • If you Fold, you then wait for the next round.
  • If you Play, the bet doubles.
  • Finally, the dealer reveals their hand, and the winner is decided.
  • If you win, the screen shows how much you’ve won, increasing your balance.
  • The next round will start immediately afterwards, enabling you to place a different sized bet.

You need to be an online casino account holder to enter a teen patti real cash game live. When you have an account, it’s worth looking at the different table rules. These will be along the lines of ‘dealer plays with queen high or better,’ and there may be some side bet options.

Teen Patti Ranking Hand

Much like with poker, there is a distinct ranking order for teen patti hands. If there are two of the same ranking hands, the hand with the highest combined card value wins. For example, a trio of three Kings beats a trio of three Sevens. There can be a bit of a difference between each best teen patti real cash game, with some having a different top hand combination. You may find that common variant like the teen patti gold real cash game and teen patti star real cash game offer a variety of aspects like ranking hands.

However, the hand rankings mostly hinge on if a straight flush – also known as a ‘pure sequence’ – is better than a trio. Many teen patti games have the trio as the top-ranking hand, but as some have the straight flush at the top, we’ll start there.

1. Pure Sequence (Example: Ace Hearts, King Hearts, Queen Hearts)

You may find in a teen patti online real cash game that the straight flush or pure sequence is the highest-ranking hand. In others, it’s the second-highest-ranking hand. This hand contains three cards of the same suit with consecutive values.

2. Trio (Example: Ten Diamonds, Ten Spades, Ten Clubs) 

A trio hand features three values of the same kind, regardless of their suit. So, it could feature an Ace of Spades, Ace of Clubs, and Ace of Hearts, but three Hearts of different values would not count as a trio hand.

3. Sequence (Example: Nine Hearts, Ten Clubs, Jack Hearts)

Unlike a pure sequence, a sequence hand only requires you to have consecutive numbers. The cards can be of any suit – be that three different suits or two of one suit and one of another – as long as the number values are consecutive.

4. Flush (Example: Seven Clubs, Nine Clubs, Queen Clubs) 

A flush doesn’t rely on the number values, only on the suit. All three cards in your hand need to be of the same suit to get a flush in the best teen patti game real cash rankings.

5. Pair (Example: Ten Diamonds, Ten Diamonds) 

This teen patti ranking hand only relies on two of your three cards. If two of them read the same number value, you have a pair.

6. High Card (Example: Ace Spades) 

If neither hand has a hand ranking of the above, the highest card will decide the round. In these duels, Ace is the highest card – regardless of suit – and two is the lowest card in the best teen patti real cash game.

Explained: Teen Patti vs Online Poker

While teen patti’s main influence is three-brag, many also liken the game of poker. However, when playing the best teen patti real cash game and an online poker game, there are many distinct differences. So, when you play 3 patti online, don’t expect it to be like poker online – here’s why:

Teen Patti Online GameOnline Poker
Game of chanceGame of Skill
One betting round after anteSeveral adjustable betting rounds
Play against the dealerPlay against other players (apart from in Casino Hold’em)
Only use your three cards to make a ranking handDepending on the format, use up to five of your own and the community cards to make a winning hand
A fast-paced game with many rounds played over a short periodUsually a slower game, gives players time to think about their plays

As you can see, playing teen patti and poker online differs significantly. Of course, some similarities lie in the ranking hand combinations, but other than that, the deeper similarities are kept for in-person versions of the card games. Here, and in some teen patti real cash game app versions, players can aim to bluff each other to convince them to fold or not up their bets.

Best Teen Patti Casinos with real cash in India

If you want to play the best teen patti real cash game in India, you’ll want to do so at one of the top casinos. Each of the following picks is a standout casino even without its teen patti game real cash offering, particularly with its India-facing bonuses and payment methods.

So, these are the real money casinos that you should look to if you want to play the best teen patti real cash game.

Genesis Casino

  • Many games from different providers.
  • Has the best teen patti real cash game.
  • Excellent customer service.
  • Live casino bonus of up to ₹8,000.

Genesis Casino has quickly become one of the most trusted online casinos in India for many reasons. The first reason is that they offer the best teen patti real cash game alongside its range of other card games like Lightning Blackjack. Their live games section is powered by Evolution and Ezugi – the most popular provider of real teen patti cash game creations.

Secondly, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to promotions. You can claim the general welcome bonus, the live casino bonus, or get a bonus with cash back at the live casino. As the live casino is where the best teen patti real cash game is, it’s worth considering if you’re looking to play 3 patti online.

Finally, Genesis Casino’s customer service is impeccable. An important foundation of an online casino earning our trust, we found that customer support was attentive, knowledgeable, and helpful through each of the contact methods. Teen patti aside, this is a quality gaming platform.

Casino Planet

  • User-friendly website.
  • Mobile site and the app are just as strong – if not better – than the website.
  • Many promotions to choose from while playing in India.
  • Has Ezugi teen patti live casino games.

Casino Planet boasts Ezugi among its live casino game providers. What this means is that, at the very least, the best teen patti real cash game is available here. However, Casino Planet goes another step by actually offering two live teen patti games for its users.

The teen patti games sit alongside many other wildly popular live games, like the shows Dream Catcher and Deal or No Deal Live, as well as many, many slots. If you like a great many Indian card games, you’ll also be happy to find Andar Bahar Live in the Casino Planet ranks.

What helps to make this casino increase its appeal is its superb navigation. Whether you’re on a desktop, mobile browser, or a mobile app, it’s easy to browse the futuristic platform and play all of its games.

Casino Gods

  • Unique promotions and loyalty setup based on Greek mythology.
  • Loaded with the most popular video slots and jackpot slots.
  • Has the real cash teen patti game.
  • The setup makes it very easy to discover new games.

If nothing else, Casino Gods certainly has its eye-catching theme going for the online gaming platform. The presence of the ancient Greek deities is more than just an aesthetic, though, with their promotions and loyalty offers all themed on the likes of Fortuna and Wonderos.

For those seeking the best teen patti real cash game, you’ll find it at Casino Gods alongside several other Ezugi live games. Better still, the Greek gods have given a 100 per cent deposit match bonus of up to ₹8,000 for their live casino.

Casino Joy

  • Live casino bonus of 100 per cent up to ₹8,000 and 10 per cent up to ₹16,000 cashback.
  • Has Andar Bahar Live and Teen Patti Live.
  • A lot to be claimed through the VIP programme.
  • Over 2,000 games with easy search bar functionality.

In its nautical theme, Casino Joy sails to the Subcontinent, boasting over 2,000 online casino games and a heap of loyalty and VIP promotions. While the jackpots are certainly alluring, it’s the presence of Andar Bahar and the best teen patti real cash game that caught our eye.

These India-first games fit in nicely alongside Casino Joy’s commitment to offering bonuses in India rupee and several payment methods that are popular here. This means that 3 patti real money paytm cash games are very much a reality on this platform.

Is Teen Patti a real cash game?

Teen patti is a real cash game at several highly-rated and trusted online casinos that are available in India. To make the classic card game work, providers like Ezugi have tweaked teen patti to make it all about your hand versus the dealer’s hand. This is the fundamental difference between the best teen patti real cash game online and the free play teen patti games or in-person games.

Another key difference is that you always have your hand visible and don’t need to bet more in the initial post-ante round just to see your hand. So, you’re not aiming to best the dealer by tricking them or betting as little as possible until the final round: instead, it’s about having the best-ranking hand. You can alter the size of the ante significantly before playing a round to potentially increase your returns.

Finally, when you play for free, you can’t win real cash. For the best teen patti real cash game to work online, there needs to be this element of you versus the house. This is why you play against the dealer as opposed to other players in live casino teen patti. Still, you could always play for real money with your friends and family with a physical set of cards at home, but here, you’ll be trying to win their cash rather than the casino’s cash.

How to choose the best Teen Patti Casino for you

To play the best teen patti real cash game, you also need to make sure that the casino is of a high quality. Even if you only intend to play some teen patti, you’ll still want to know that there are other options and that the casino can be trusted with your money. So, here’s our checklist for helping you to choose the best teen patti casino.

Make sure that the casino has teen patti games 

If you want to play the teen patti online real cash game, there isn’t any point in signing up to an online casino that doesn’t have live table games. There isn’t much point in hoping that a platform will get them eventually, so narrow down your selection to sites with teen patti, and preferably those with Ezugi’s live games.

Check the casino’s license and what body regulates it 

As it stands, India doesn’t have a body that directly licenses and regulates online casinos. However, you can rely on the long-standing, globally trusted bodies of the MGA and Gambling Commission. To see if a casino is under the governance of either of these, scroll towards the base of any page on the site and click their logos to check the authenticity.

Make sure that you can deposit and withdraw through a trusted method 

If the online casino doesn’t offer payment methods that you trust, don’t go out of your way to test a new method. Simply stick to the methods that you trust. Luckily, the best teen patti casinos often offer a large range of deposit and withdrawal methods, including Google Pay, RuPay, Paytm, PayPal, and bank cards.

Check for Indian rupees

To avoid any currency conversions or confusion, stick to the platforms that operate in Indian rupees.

3 Patti Game using Paytm

Paytm is the largest online payment platform in India, so naturally, being able to play 3 patti online by using Paytm makes the process infinitely easier for many. Not only is the Paytm wallet commonly used, but it’s also safe, secure, and trusted, which are invaluable traits in online casino gaming. If you’re a Paytm user, you’ll be happy to know that 3 patti real money paytm cash play is a reality that you can enjoy.

Here’s a look at how a typical paytm user would make use of the platform to play teen patti online:

  1. Open an account with a trusted teen patti casino or sign in;
  2. When making a deposit, select the ‘NetBanking’ payment method;
  3. Have your Paytm VPA at the ready to connect;
  4. Press ‘Accept’ when prompted to confirm the payment;
  5. Use the real money to play 3 patti.

Just like many other payment methods, you can use your Paytm account to deposit real money into online casino accounts in India. However, Paytm isn’t a potential mobile withdrawal method. So, if you want to use a method that you can withdraw and deposit with, perhaps Paytm isn’t your best choice. That said, it can facilitate UPI NetBanking, as detailed above.

The top casinos with the best teen patti real cash game offer several payment methods. Those that are available for both sides of money transfers include UP NetBanking, Skrill, Neteller, ecoPayz, MuchBetter, Jeton, AstroPay, Neosurf, and eZeeWallet.


Here are some quick-fire answers to a bunch of the most frequently asked questions about playing teen patti for real money online in India.

Can I play 3 Patti online with real money?

You can play 3 patti online with real money. Usually under the name ‘teen patti,’ you can find the best teen patti real cash game at sites like Genesis Casino, Casino Gods, and Casino Joy.

Which is the best Teen Patti game app?

The best teen patti game app is a close call, but the nod would most likely go to Casino Planet. Its mobile platform is fully optimised for touch-screen play, with its live teen patti games becoming a breeze to play on the go.

Is there a teen patti real cash game download?

There isn’t a standalone teen patti real cash game download from any of our trusted and reviewed casinos. However, you can download the casino app for some teen patti real cash game app play.

What is the best teen patti real cash game in India?

There’s an increasing number of teen patti real cash games becoming available in India, but the best remains the pioneer in live casino circles, Ezugi’s Teen Patti Live. With a high-quality stream, professional croupiers, and quick-fire action, it’s exactly what teen patti players seek in a real money table game.

Can you use Google Pay to play the best teen patti real cash game?

You can use Google Pay to play the best teen patti real cash game if the online casino with the game accepts Google Pay as a payment method. Luckily, one of the top-rated teen patti casinos, Genesis Casino, does accept Google Pay.

What’s the highest-ranking hand in online teen patti?

The highest-ranking hand in online teen patti is usually the trio, where you get three cards of the same value in one hand. However, some flip the top order to have a pure sequence as the top-ranking hand. This moves the rules slightly more in line with poker play, with a straight flush (the five-card version of teen patti’s Pure Sequence) being rated higher than a three-of-a-kind.

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