Jungkook birthday celebration

As the clocks struck 12 on September 1 on Korean soil, ARMYs worldwide assembled to celebrate Jungkook’s 25th birthday.

BTS Jungkook’s birthday has always been celebrated by BTS Army in every nook and corner of the world like a global festival.

If an exclusive magazine birthday feature wasn’t enough, we have got another huge surprise for you in store.

And if you are not familiar with who Jungkook is then scroll through to see what you missed:

Jungkook is a BTS member who is a famous pop star that has managed to win the hearts of Indian fans. His Zodiac sign is Virgo. The youngest member of BTS has won the hearts of millions of avid Gen-Z K-pop fans.

While he was just a student,  he auditioned for a South Korean talent show, “Superstar K,” in the city of Daegu which was unsuccessful. Despite being rejected, he was hellbent on pursuing his career in entertainment.

At the age of 14, he went to LA  to receive dance training from Movement Lifestyle. A year later, he joined the K-pop band BTS and made his debut with the band with the release of the song ‘2 Cool 4 Skool”

On the occasion of Jungkook day, let’s take you back to Jungkook’s iconic birthday celebration by the BTS Members.


In 2013, when Jungkook turned 16th, BTS decided to bring in his special day by throwing a prank in the mix. And yes poor Kookie even shed tears, but it was more relief and joy than anything else.

The birthday celebration started when their manager and Bang PD decided to prank Jungkook before surprising him with a cake.

The stunt entailed them scolding Jungkook for not performing well during filming even though he was perfect at it.

Subsequently, the other BTS members gathered around in the room to discuss ‘what went wrong and Bang PD as well as their manager pulled on their best acting socks to deliver the performance of a lifetime.

After 10 minutes of Golden Maknae getting reprimanded, Suga came with a birthday cake and the boys burst out into a ‘happy birthday song.

If you are wondering, if they have apologized or not, then the answer to your question is: Yes. All was forgotten when Kookie started munching the cake. He also complimented everyone on their “improved act”.

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Jungkook celebrated his 17th birthday (18th in Korea)  in 2014 during the Danger era.

On his 17th birthday, all the BTS members tweeted two pictures:

One picture showcased Jungkook’s adorable side (kwiyomi) and the other one is Jungkook’s hilarious side (jimotmi, which means sorry I could not protect you). Remind you that, the two words come from Jungkook’s lyrics in their recent release in 2014 “Danger”.


Coming to his 18th birthday, BTS celebrated Jungkook’s birthday on Vapp while wishing him a Happy Birthday and discussing what they would get him as a present. However,

BTS ARMYs proved their power and trended #HappyJungkookDay and others like #GoldenKookDay on Twitter worldwide.


On his 19th birthday, BTS spent Jungkook’s day in their classic style. The fellow members started spamming their Twitter group with hilarious videos and photos of their beloved youngest member.

Jungkook’s 19th birthday celebration on BTS’s Twitter ended with a video of everyone celebrating his birthday with a cake.


Surprisingly, when BTS along with Jungkook were on the road they encountered the Jungkookie Bus.

While on his 21st birthday, Jungkook’s fellow members sent their sincere congratulations to JK.

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Before a week of his birthday, Jungkook thought that he forgot his date of birth.

So, on his 22nd birthday, BTS members poked him jokingly, saying “Kook, it’s understandable you forgot your birthday because it’s today!! Happy Birthday #HappyBirthdayJungkook #ItsHyung #YourBirthdayIsToday #ALittlePR

They shared hilarious pictures and videos of him on his day.


In 2019, the internet was taken to storm when Justin Bieber wished Jungkook in a tweet.


JK might be a Billboard chart-topping artist, but he’s still the youngest member of BTS. That means other members, like V, could squeeze his cheeks while wishing him a happy birthday.  Taking to Twitter, V shared the video to Twitter which earned over a million likes in less than a day.

On the other hand, Jin, the oldest member posted a picture of the duo to Twitter where Jungkook looked amazing as always but Jin was making a goofy face right behind him.

J-Hope aka Hobi shared a message for Jungkook and BTS fans. He wrote, “He’s your hope, you’re his hope.”

For his birthday, Hobi posted four pictures of himself with the Golden Maknae, which included a picture of Jungkook on the set of BTS’ latest record-breaking music video, “Dynamite.”

In one picture, we can see the duo along with the other BTS members holding some strawberries.

Jimin shared a few silly pictures of himself with Jungkook.

Another member of BTS, Jimin shared several silly-faced pictures and captioned them “Congratulations on your 24th birthday. Hyung loves you.”


Earlier in 2021, when Jungkook connected with fans through Weverse assuring them that will go through all the wishes they post, Jin took this opportunity and became the first member to wish on his birthday.

It is sort of Jin’s tradition that the eldest one should be the first one to wish all members, whilst before the day actually arrives. 

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