Arunachal govt committed to building prayer halls in every district: Chowna Mein 
Chowna Mein in he youth festival

Namsai: Arunachal Pradesh deputy chief minister Chowna Mein on Thursday said the people of Arunachal not only need to keep up with the evolving pace of development but also equally preserve and protect their indigenous culture and beliefs.

Mein said this while addressing the inaugural function of the seventh state-level indigenous youth festival at the Poi Pee Mau ground here.

The festival, organised by the Indigenous Faith and Cultural Society of Arunachal Pradesh (IFCSAP), will culminate on January 22.

Mein congratulated the members of IFCSAP for their efforts towards the protection, preservation and promotion of cultures, traditions, and beliefs of the numerous indigenous tribes of the state.

Acknowledging that the indigenous youth festival is one of the few events celebrated by all the tribes of the region, irrespective of their religious affirmations, Mein appreciated the IFCSAP for providing a platform to the youths for cultural integration, while promoting peace and harmony among the indigenous communities of Arunachal.

“These events play a crucial role in highlighting the state’s traditional art and crafts, local cuisines, songs, and dances, and go a long way in providing a source of livelihood to the community members,” he said.

The deputy chief minister also lauded the IFCSAP’s effort in bringing together the diverse youths of the state in one place, where they can learn about Arunachal’s ancient culture and traditions. 

He said that such events aid the younger generation to come closer to their roots and appreciate their rich cultural heritage collectively.

Mein also highlighted the rapid expansion of globalization, which he said has immensely benefited civilization all over but has also contributed to the gradual erosion of ancient customs, values and traditions.

“To ensure that the people of Arunachal can keep up with the evolving development in the state without losing their ancestral roots, the government is committed to building indigenous prayer halls and gurukuls in every district of the state,” he said.

These establishments, Mein said, will facilitate the practice of celebrating indigenous festivals, passing indigenous knowledge to the younger generation and preserving the rich and diverse heritage of the land for generations to come.

He further said that Arunachal Pradesh is a land of multi-culture and beliefs and called upon the people to respect each other’s religions while practising their own.

Earlier, Mein also visited the stalls and prayer centres at the event and offered his prayers to the indigenous gods and goddesses.

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