Bodhi Day is a Buddhist holiday that commemorates the day that Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment. The word enlightenment is known as Bodhi in Pali and Sanskrit.

According to tradition, Gautama Buddha had forsaken years of extreme ascetic practices and resolved to sit under a tree, which is also known as the Bodhi tree. He meditated under the Bodhi tree until he attained enlightenment. As we celebrate Bodhi Day 2022, here is everything that you need to know

Bodhi Day 2022 date

Bodhi Day is an annual observance that is celebrated every year on December 8. Like every year, this year too it will be observed on December 8, Thursday.

Bodhi Day History

The story of Bodhi Day began six years before the Buddha’s awakening. Growing up, Siddhārtha Gautama was a rich prince in Nepal who lived a life of luxury. He knew nothing of suffering.  However, upon discovering the pain and suffering of those less fortunate than himself, he abandoned his life of comfort and left to become a monk, relying only upon the kindness of others. He was just 29 years old when he left.

Gautama studied under six different teachers, and forced his body to survive under desperate conditions, but he was resolute in his goal of understanding the universe in which we live and the roles we all play. 

Then he meditated in Bodh Gaya, India for a continuous streak of 49 days until he achieved enlightenment as per Buddhist traditions. From this point, there are different versions of what happened.

Bodhi Day Significance

Bodhi Day is celebrated on the eight day of the 12th month each year. Just like other Buddhist holidays, Bodhi day is meant to be a day of thoughtful reflection and acts of loving kindness.

Lord Buddha is the most important figure in the religion and that’s why celebrating his enlightenment is an important thing for Buddhists. So Buddhists commemorate this day by meditating, studying the ‘dharma’ (‘universal truth or law’), chanting sutras (Buddhist texts), and performing kind acts towards other beings. 

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