An man from Indonesia’s Java and local celebrity Khoirul Anam posted a series of pictures from his wedding. Guess who his bonny bride was? A rice cooker!

The steamy affair created a buzz on social media after Anam posted images from his unusual wedding on Facebook.

“White, white, loving, obedient. I don’t have much to say. I’m good at cooking.. Ideas.. warm again.. without you my rice is not cooked..” he wrote in a Facebook post.

In the pictures, Khoirul was seen in fancy clothes, all dressed up for the ceremony and right next to him sat his bride, the rice cooker in a sheer white veil.

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Both sat side by side as a priest bound them together in the contract of marriage, after which he (and probably his appliance bride) signed the marriage papers.

Khoirul Anam divorced his wife four days later, citing that it could only cook rice. Anam announced his divorce on Facebook.

Although the entire incident was just a stunt, which is something Khoirul Anam is known for in Indonesia, this particular one sure did bring him heaps of fame on social media.

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