San Jose (California): In October 2016, John Doe (name changed), a principal engineer at Cisco, was informed by two co-workers that his boss, Sundar Iyer, had told them that he was a Dalit.

Often called “untouchables,” Dalits lie at the bottom of the caste hierarchy in India’s dominant Hindu religion. Although the caste system was officially abolished in 1950, the socio-economic oppression against Dalits has persisted for decades.

At Cisco’s San Jose headquarters in California, Doe was......

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  1. Today our education system is faulty . No one get taught how a human should Live .What are the duties of a human being .

  2. Today few religious groups and color groups have become so powerful that they do not consider others as human.

  3. Excellent piece Suchitra.. they are many Indian American who cry about discrimination that they face in US, but practice own prejudice against fellow Indians.

  4. The problem is current American discourse and media is caste is identified with Hinduism, which itself is a minority religion. This is blatantly wrong since caste has no sanction in Hindu scriptures like Veda, Gita and Upanishads, and all Hindu institutions are extremely inclusive irrespective of caste, religion, race, sexual orientation. This is the reason why HAF and Hindus are protesting for. Blaming only Hinduism for caste discrimination is akin to saying Islam is the causal force for terrorism. The fact is caste was a social problem in all religious communities of India including Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, and British explicitly politicized those caste identities for divide and rule. Before the arrival of British, the caste word was not even known and the Varna System of Hindus were more fluid and not hierarchical due to Bhakti movement. But, British colonials just imported that caste system and made it hereditary.

  5. Christian converts are attacking Hindus using Christian Siestema de Casta. The idea of racial hierarchy can only exist in a society obsessed with race, like the racially mixed society of Brazil or Mexico, the birthplace of the racist Christian regime. Bombay was a Portuguese possession given as Dowry, another Western term, to the English. The English took their ideas of Caste from the Siestema de Casta. Why? Well they made up a system where White people could still be on top and Indians must accept it. This is why despite DNA, textual evidence, and common sense Western Missionaries still support the Caste system as relevant to India. They created it, now the same White Missionaries will ‘cure’ brown people problems. Also the real advice to Hindus should be to limit contact with Indian Christians period. The vetting should start in India.

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