Thousands gathered to apply for visas at a nearby Pakistan consulate as stated by officials Credit: Twitter image

On Wednesday, at least 11 women were killed in a stampede at a stadium in eastern Afghanistan. There, thousands gathered to apply for visas at a nearby Pakistan consulate as stated by officials.

The stampede took place when the women tried to exit the stadium in Jalalabad. The stampede resulted in the killing of 15 people (11 of them were women) and injured at least 10 people out of which eight were women. Additionally, reports stated that several senior citizens were also wounded in the stampede.

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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Pakistan consulate had a seven-month hiatus. It has resumed issuing the visas on Wednesday leading to the tragic incident. Moreover, just to avoid large crowds from gathering at the visa centre, the applicants were directed to the nearby football stadium in Jalalabad. Additionally, it is also a customary theme for holding separate lines for women than men in Afghanistan.

On the ill-fated day of the stampede, thousands of Afghans from Nangarhar and other nearby provinces had arrived since early morning to apply for medical visas or to visit relatives. According to reports at least 3000 Afghans had congregated to collect tokens to apply for the visas.

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