UDP’s Jemino Mawthoh says that interpretation of the implementation of ILP should be left in the wisdom of SC

Shillong: United Democratic Party general secretary Jemino Mawthoh has said that the passing of Citizenship (Amendment) Act is a wake-up call for the people of entire Northeast India, including Meghalaya.

Mawthoh’s response came after the party was questioned if it was on the same page as the government to exempt Meghalaya from the purview of CAA. “This issue which we have been battling for the last four decades now, as far as the issue of illegal immigration and influx is concerned, it is the right time for the state to come up with something that is concrete, for the protection and safeguarding of the indigenous people of the state,” he said.

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Mawthoh said that as far as CAA is concerned there is no rationality from the party’s stand. So in principle, we oppose this like other groups and parties across the country and the region.

He stressed upon the party passing a resolution to demand a total exemption of the Act in the entire state of Meghalaya. “Since the matter is pending with the Supreme Court, the committee also welcomed the SC bench to hear the Government of India on the matter relating to the different petitions that have been given. So we leave it to the wisdom of the SC on the interpretation on CAA,” said Mawthoh.

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