Nagaland Manipur bandh

Kohima: Despite the Manipur government writing to the Nagaland government to immediately withdraw the bandh along the border, the Southern Angami Public Organisation (SAPO) informed that it would continue the indefinite bandh along NH-29 till forces from its traditional land are withdrawn.

Addressing a presser, Metekhrielie Mejura, president of Southern Angami Youth Organization (SAYO), the apex youth body of the Southern Angamis, said the matter is not an affair of the Nagaland government. The decision to call off the indefinite bandh depends on the Manipur government, he added. 

When armed forces are withdrawn from Kezoltsa, the disputed area, he said that SAPO will lift the bandh. The bandh call was made by SAPO with regard to the non-withdrawal of the Manipur government’s armed personnel at Kezoltsa, and the continued undertaking of developmental activities by the Manipur government.

Mejura said that the matter is purely a traditional issue and the disputed area is a political boundary drawn since the British era. ‘So we will stand to our traditional and cultural rights and values and will uphold this in all the coming generations,’ he said.

Meanwhile, in an update, SAPO said that it still upholds and abide by the collective undertaking amongst the Tenyimi Public Organization (TPO), Board of Arbitrators, Mao Council, Maram Khullen and SAPO and will continue to enforce the memorandum submitted to the Chief Minister of Manipur on 20 November 2021 to withdraw and cease all developmental activities within its traditional land.

As per the memorandum, the TPO sought the removal of Manipur police from Kezoltsa/Kozürü/Kazing and demanded compensation for demolishing the rest house by the Manipur police.

“The statement on 25th March 2022 by the Manipur Government mentioning political boundaries is totally unacceptable and the claims made are provocative and threatens the peaceful coexistence within the communities as our traditional land and boundaries are well defined and the people have been coexisting since time immemorial,” SAPO added.

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