Meghalaya: Bernard’s relentless attack on MDA continues
Tura BJP MDC Bernard N Marak

Tura: BJP spokesperson and Tura MDC Bernard Marak claimed that the BJP was looking to end corruption in the state by bringing in ‘good politics’ for the people of the state.

The BJP leader stated that in order to end corruption, the region needed “God-fearing leaders” in the state.

“Corruption has overshadowed the right-thinking people in politics, victimising all sections of the society with ‘bad politics. Self-gain is bad politics, service is good politics. People forgot politics has a good side. We want to bring in ‘good politics’ in the state by promoting service-oriented and God-fearing leaders. The Church has a major role to play in reformation and transformation of the state by initiating mass awareness against corruption,” he said.

“BJP is against corruption and elements that are against national interest. BJP aims to promote Christian leaders in the state to end corruption,” he claimed. 

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