Manipur: Ukhrul youth wins national competition for short film
The 24-year-old had no formal training

Ukhrul: Sorenzan Vashum, a photographer from the Ukhrul district, Manipur, was adjudged winner of the “Big Shorts Challenge, North-East Edition.” 

A self-taught artist, Vashum started his creative journey using his mobile phone and is currently working as a wedding photographer while also making music videos. Although Vashum has no formal training, he honed his skills through sheer passion and dedication. His contest-winning film is his first short film and showcases the 24-year-old’s talent.

“My Story is God’s Story” is a documentary based on real life and had the highest number of views, making him the clear winner of the contest. The documentary tells the story of a 19-year-old girl, Chanmayo who was diagnosed with a rare dermatological disorder, pustular psoriasis, when she was just six years old. Her condition causes her skin cells to reproduce much faster than the normal rate.

The video revolves around her life depicting the struggles and hardships of living with her medical condition. The documentary also shows her family’s unwavering faith and Chanmayo’s unshakable faith in God despite many painful circumstances. The film concludes on a happy note with Chanmayo singing in a fellowship, completing her transition from pain to leading a normal life. Chanmayo Kashung stars in the film, lending it authenticity and poignancy.

Sharing his excitement about winning the award, Vashum said, “I always wanted to try my hand in film-making. I am grateful to ABC Talkies for providing a platform for young and amateur, but passionate photographers like me to display my work. “The Big Short Challenge” helped me muster the courage for making my first film. The competition gave me the confidence to follow my dreams. Through my success in this competition, I would like all young dreamers to remind themselves that the only safe thing is to take a chance and give your dreams a shot.”

The challenge is a nationwide contest initiated by ABC Talkies for independent filmmakers across genres and languages. Following the successful completion of the first edition– the PAN India Influencers and Content Creators, the North-East Edition was held. Currently, ABC Talkies is conducting the third edition ie, the Telugu edition for filmmakers in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The contest is ABC Talkies’ way of encouraging young and independent filmmakers to come forward and display their work.

Shalibhadra Shah, CEO of ABC Talkies, said, “Film contests traditionally have a jury which sets out to select the winner. However, there is always an element of personal bias that tends to influence or have an imposing influence on the outcomes. “The Big Shorts Challenge” crosses out all these biases and puts the ball in the court of the audience. Vashum’s “My Story is God’s Story” made its mark amongst viewers and we wish him all the best.”

ABC Talkies was envisioned to help independent filmmakers by creating a platform where films would not be judged by individuals with biases and no film canned. This is evident in “The Big Shorts Challenge” as the first contest based strictly on the film’s merits and performance. As a part of ABC Talkies’ mission to support and empower independent Filmmakers, the contest was designed in a manner wherein the audience decides the fate of the participants.

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