April 21 marks the National Civil Service Day to commemorate the services and efforts of our civil services. Now, we could write more here to tell you the hard work that goes into becoming an IAS officer. Instead, we will let the achievers do the talking. We have picked five of the most inspirational stories from across the country. So sit back, listen well and in the spirit of UPSC preparations, take notes!

Surabhi Gautam (AIR-50, CSE 2016)

Surabhi Gautam from Amdara village, Madhya Pradesh, became a collector. Hear this story of a girl from an average Hindi-medium school who went on to become an IAS officer.

Safin Hasan, the youngest IPS officer of India, CSE 2018

Safin Hasan from Gujarat is a true example of never giving up on life despite all odds. He became the youngest IPS officer of India by qualifying for CSE 2018 at the age of 22.

Robin Hibu (IPS)

We often forget or give less value to the privileges that we have in our lives. We mostly complain about the hardship that we experience in our schools, colleges or the workplace. But Robin Hibu, from a small village in Arunachal Pradesh, has changed the entire perception and proved that with determination and hard work, nothing is impossible. Here is his story.

Sanjukta Parashar (IPS, AIR-85)

The iron lady of Assam, who shot down around 16 terrorists and arrested several others, is a true inspiration to several women who aspire to become IPS or IAS officers.

Roopa D Moudgil (IPS)

Watch the journey of IPS Roopa D Moudgil, the first lady IPS officer of Karnataka, who has already left a mark with her immense determination and hard work.

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