BTS' J-Hope & Jimin make generous donations to quake-hit Turkey-Syria
BTS' members J-Hope and Jimin.

When it comes to the need for philanthropic relief, the voices of the people are loud and clear, but it is not just the general public who are rallying for the cause.

BTS’ members J-Hope and Jimin have evinced their generosity in cheering efforts to rescue Turkey and Syria’s earthquake victims.

Jimin has recently donated a hefty sum of $78,000 (Rs 64,52,850 approx) to UNICEF Korea and J-hope has followed suit by contributing the same amount, resulting in a total aid of about Rs 1.29 crore.

Taking to Twitter, UNICEF Korea’s tweet read, “BTS J-Hope donated KRW 100 million to Turkey and Syria emergency relief for children affected by the earthquake and became a UNICEF Honors Club member.”

This is not the first time BTS members have donated to a charitable cause. Earlier, they have given to various organizations, such as UNICEF, Save the Children, and so on. This just goes to show that the group is not only talented but also has a big heart.

If you are a fan of BTS, then you should know that you are supporting a group of individuals who are not only talented but also kind and charitable. 

The Donations Made by J-Hope and Jimin:

J-Hope and Jimin’s donations have been the talk of the town lately. The two members have donated Rs 64 lakhs each, in a total aid of Rs 1.29 crore to the victims of the earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria. Their donation comes just a few months after the group donated a whopping Rs 1.29 crores to their hometown in South Korea.

This is definitely a generous act and it shows that BTS really cares about their fans and the people in need. The donations were made through the ‘Hope Bridge Association National Disaster Relief’.

The two members also tweeted in support of the cause and thanked the relief organization for their work. This has been a great gesture by the two members and it has definitely been appreciated by the fans.

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Other Celebrities who have made donations:

Many celebrities have also come forward to help those affected by the earthquake. Hollywood stars like Robert Downey Jr. and Ellen DeGeneres have donated to the cause, while singer Taylor Swift has also come forward to help the victims. South Korean stars like BTS, Exo, and Super Junior have also made generous donations to aid the victims. These donations have been a great source of comfort for the people affected by the earthquake. Not only have they been able to raise funds for the victims, but the celebrities’ actions have also served as a reminder that we are all in this together.

However, J-Hope and Jimin’s donations of Rs 64 lakhs individually to the victims of the earthquake have been a huge source of comfort and support for many. Their generous act of kindness serves as an example that even during difficult times, we must continue to look for ways to help those in need.

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