World Paper Bag Day 2021: It's never too late to switch from plastic to paper

Amidst the craze for all things plastic, every year World Paper Bag Day is celebrated on July 12. It is observed internationally to spread awareness about the usage of paper bags. This year the theme is “eradicate plastic and safeguard Earth.”

The eco-friendly bags were first patented by American inventor Francis Wolle who invented the first paper bag machine in 1852. Paper Bags are made of renewable raw materials that have proven to be sustainable choices of lifestyle in a constantly changing environment, due to their ability to be recycled and reused. Millions of people now prefer paper bags over plastic bags, and here’s the reason why:


Paper bags are made from organic raw materials, unlike plastic. An average single-use plastic bag can take up to 500-1000 years or more to photo-degrade (they do not break down completely). Paper bags take a couple of weeks to a month to decompose.

Bonus Point: The soil will not lose its fertility nor will animals die for your one time purchase.

Saves marine life

Plastic bags are usually dumped in landfills and end up in the water bodies. They release toxins and microplastics (small plastic pieces less than five millimetres) which are especially harmful as sea creatures might choke on them restricting their air flow and food intake, leading to death.

Saves Energy

Paper bags save a lot of energy in their production as most materials needed are locally available. It also saves huge importing costs.

Eco friendly

Paper Bags follow the 3R’s. It not only reduces waste, but it can be also reused and recycled if used judiciously.


Paper bags are not only inexpensive they are more attractive. More brands are using paper bag packages for brand promotion these days.

Did you know?

Some paper bags are made up of wood and can be recycled and converted back to a new paper. 

So next time you go on a shopping spree, think twice before using a plastic bag!

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