PM Netanyahu tweets, thanks 25 nations for supporting Israel. But where's India?
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday thanked 25 countries for standing with Israel amid the war on Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

“Thank you for resolutely standing with Israel and supporting our right to self defense against terrorist attacks,” Netanyahu tweeted, as violence from both
sides of the border kept escalating throughout the day.

In the tweet, the PM also shared the emoticons of flags of the countries that are “supporting” Israel.

Some of the heavyweights that Netanyahu thanked in the tweet include the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Germany, Brazil and Canada.

Incidentally, India’s name was missing from the list and this quickly drove a wedge between the two sections of the Indian people on social media supporting Israel and lambasting them for attacking Gaza and killing innocents. Once the tweets
started flowing, the chitchat quickly escalated into a verbose and ugly Twitter war that is still brewing.

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Meanwhile, Israel bombed and destroyed a building in the Gaza strip housing offices of the Associated Press and Al Jazeera later in the day. They gave a one-hour warning to the residents to bail out of the building before it was annihilated.

Al Jazeera called the attack dastardly and a desperate effort of the Israeli government to silence the press and stop the world from knowing the blatant human
rights abuses and war crimes that they are committing in the Gaza Strip.

Unperturbed by the upheaval, the Israelis looked confident in their stance and declared that the building was destroyed because it housed Hamas operatives and was being used to plan, perpetrate and launch attacks on Israel.

An Israeli government spokesperson also added that the Hamas was using civilians and the press as their cover and that this has been one of their standard operating procedures for years to save themselves from the Israeli defense Forces.

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