In Philippines, a man died after security personnel forced him to undertake over 300 squat-like pumping exercise for violating lockdown rules on April 1.

According to local media reports, 28-year-old Darren Manaog Peñaredondo was nabbed by village guards for violating the curfew on Thursday after he was seen buying drinking water past 6 pm.

As a punishment, he was forced to do a hundred squats in sync with several others. And if they were not in sync, they would have to repeat it.

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The next day, he came home at 8 am, and complained of immense pain. He couldn’t walk properly.

His cousin Adrian Luceña took to Facebook to share the incident. “Brother goodbye, we love you so much,” he wrote.

Peñaredondo died at 10 pm on Saturday.

Via a Facebook statement on April 5, the city’s mayor, General Trias Mayor Antonio Ferrer confirmed that he had told the chief of police to investigate the case.

He said he is in touch with Peñaredondo’s family to offer assistance in their time of grief and has assured them that the matter would be cleared up in due time.

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