Tripura DM suspended
Tripura IAS officer Shailesh Kumar Yadav

The story of Tripura District Magistrate Shailesh Kumar Yadav has become the most viral news emerging out of Tripura this month. Yadav shot into the limelight on Tuesday after a video of him thrashing a groom for flouting the imposed night curfew went viral on April 27. Following this, the DM faced major backlash from politicians, netizens and locals, while many others showed their support for the officer. 

What was perplexing, however, was that on Thursday, two of the top trends on Twitter said that Yadav had been suspended. The hashtags  #IStandWithShaileshYadav  and  #DM_शैलेश_यादव_सस्पेंड were trending at number 3 and 4 respectively at the time of filing this report. 

Watch: Tripura DM who thrashed curfew violators responds to fury

However, EastMojo can now confirm that as of filing this report, Yadav is still in service and all reports of him being suspended are merely rumours. There has been no official confirmation of the same, but that did not stop media outlets from publishing the same.

The chief minister’s office refuted reports of Yadav’s suspension, calling it ‘propaganda’.

Speaking with EastMojo, an official from the state secretariat confirmed that the CM ordered an inquiry against the alleged incident and sought a report from the chief secretary Manoj Kumar at the earliest.

Reportedly, the committee comprising two top IAS officers, including Tanushree Debbarma and Kiran Gitte, was formed to inquire about the incident and place the report to the chief secretary after which the committee would sit and give their observation on the incident.

The West district Magistrate has filed a case under section 188 of Indian Penal Code (IPC), 51 of Disaster Management Act 2005 against the two families who had flouted the section 144 of CrPC order in the West Agartala police station. On Thursday, contrary to online rumours, he attended office and worked like usual.

Who said Yadav was suspended?

report by NENOW says Yadav has been suspended but provides no proof of the same. Instead, it mentions that “West Tripura DM Shailesh Kumar Yadav has reportedly been suspended for manhandling people including a groom at a wedding ceremony in Agartala, a couple of days back”. 

Similarly, the Free Press Journal did a similar story with the headline “West Tripura DM suspended after a video of him forcefully stopping wedding ceremony goes viral” which is based on a Hindi report from ABP news. The Hindi channel said the action was taken following intervention by the Tripura CM but fails to provide any source to support their claim.

Yadav has been under intense scrutiny in the past couple of days but it remains to be seen as to what action, if any, is taken against him. Reports of his suspension, at the time of filing this report, are completely false.

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  1. He did the right thing and his justifications are very much true…People who can’t understand that can very much visit the Govt hospitals and see the condition by themselves

  2. Maybe you’re a DM but you’ve no right to hit anyone or use verbal abuse. You said bloody asshole to senior citizen. What would you do If I use such words to your father. You’re a uncultured DM with No brain. You’re an educated IDIOT!!

  3. Kick out this DM, insulting own citizen, ruining once a life time marriage event, going against basic ringgits, not following the code of conduct of DM accordingly, acting like Mafia, spanking religious person, insulting bride and groom, touching unnecessarily to physician, eho seems to be decent, using language of discriminatory, such as you looked educated and acting like villager, what is wrong eith villager? Last not lease, acting that in state of Tripura where India needed ti be taken extra attention of its administrations handlings.. he should be charged and suspended.. jai Hind

  4. That bloody DM should be kicked out from office. He could have given 10 or 15 minutes to vacate the hall peacefully and later take action against the key persons.
    An uncultured idiot

  5. As per this DM, Corona will spread only if the function is held at a marriage hall and not if held at home. He knew that he had a troop of cops for his protection and so decided to show up as a hero…

  6. Great job officer, I stand for you.🙏 good comnucation for public I proud to you…

  7. Do not support because of being Yadav. Go through his deeds, justify his acts and they go for his support. Stop community/Caste politics.

  8. DM did good job, he is protecting other proples life indirectly to spread corona these days

  9. I strongly support DM Tripura….Hats off to you sir….Well done for your very good job….

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