The extremely popular web series on Netflix, Squid Game, released in September 2021 has received commendable viral attention. The web series, similar to the Hunger Game series is one where contestants are pit against each other fighting for their lives, in a game operated by the tyrannical elite.

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The major difference between the two series is that here, contestants fight to gain money that would settle all their debts and make them filthy rich and the price of the death of other contestants.

One of the major attractions of the show, as seen in most posters are the henchmen who are the main antagonists in the series. These men are clad in pink suits with black masks which have certain shapes printed on them – square, triangle and circle. What do these shapes mean? Read along to find out.

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Circle: Tier-1 Henchmen

The henchmen at the bottom level are meant to create a barrier between the players of the Squid Game and the killer hosts. They don’t add any extra value besides creating this divide between players and the hosts of the game.

Triangle: Tier-2 Henchmen

The henchmen with Triangle shapes on their masks are the second tier of the henchmen that kill or take swift action when needed. The men with the triangle execute tasks hence they form the executive class among the henchmen.

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Square: Tier-3 Henchmen

Henchmen with the square on their masks are usually the ones that speak. They represent the upper-most tier that deals with most of the challenges in the game and make most of the decisions after the Front Man.

The Front Man

No, we’re not giving out any more information about this guy! (Spoiler alert: Is he the one calling the shots in this game?)

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