With all this craze about Squid Game, one of the world’s most popular and trending web series on Netflix right now, the Korean Cultural Centre in UAE is organizing its own Squid Game for fans, minus the bloody battles.

Over 300 people have already registered for the games featuring traditional Korean games played by the people of South Korea in their childhood.

In the show, 456 contestants compete for the winning cash prize of billions of Korean Won. Fans of the show have flooded social media with games from the show and similar trends on various social platforms.

KCC, UAE – Squid Game

The games will be played by two groups consisting of 15 pre-selected participants. Two rounds will be organized from 5.30 pm to 9.15 pm on Tuesday.

Participants will wear uniforms with Squid Game logo T-shirts during the event, and the staff will wear circle, triangle, and square masks with clad pink suits similar to the guards in the show.

The whole game will be tournament-based and players who lost will be able to watch the game separately without being ‘eliminated’.

Red Light, Green Light

This popular game from Korea will be one of the games which are originally called ‘The roses of Sharon have blossomed’ in Korea, will be the first game as in the show.

Those who are found moving after the command will be shot by sponge guns and winners would qualify to the next game, while others would be eliminated.

Glass stepping stones

This game will have floor stepping stones instead of glass ones, but it will be run in the same way it is done in the show.

The Dalgona Candy game

Korean kids, on their way back home from school, would see Dalgona candy makers outside of their school gates where they’d gather with friends and try to take the shape drawn out of the whole candy without breaking it. Those who’d successfully do it would get another candy for free.

The Marble game

Remember playing odd or even in school? Similar to that, in this game, two players will be paired to play a game with marbles. Those who exhaust all their beads will be eliminated. The KCC will hold even-or-odd matches and the dealer will hold either a number of marbles in their fist and the player would need to guess if it’s even or odd.


The players hold the ttakji, and whoever flips over the other’s piece first will be the winner. In the series Squid Game, contestants play this game before they enter the final games.

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