Unacademy has made it to the headlines again for all the wrong reasons. This time, another tutor on the online learning platform, Lalit Yadav, caught the attention of netizens for making racist remarks against Indian tribal people in his live class.

The tutor is a UPSC educator, social worker, motivational speaker and president of the NGO – Lalit Yadav Ki Pathshala.

“When you travel to a tribal area, they reside in their natural area, poor things. Today, they at least have some knowledge; in the 80s, where did they have the knowledge? Poor things lived with their communities in jungles,” says the Unacademy tutor, mocking indigenous tribes.

He sang and danced to a part of RD Burman’s old song Hum bewafa hargiz na the, from the 1978 film Shalimar, ridiculing tribal people.

“They would sing Jhingalala hoo and live their lives. They were not bothered about the lives of people outside their communities. They did not care about who was fair, dark, Indian or a Britisher,” the teacher added.

The fact that he is talking about the 1980s make it sound even more racist, indicating that Indian tribal people knew little about the world until recently.

This incident occurred less than a week after a faculty at a UPSC training institute called tribal farmers “brainless.” In a video shared on Twitter, one can see Siddharth Singh, a faculty, in his lecture called “Mission IAS 2021 | Geography by Siddharth Sir | Biomes” talking about Jhum cultivation, had used extremely racist language against Northeast tribal farmers. 

Talking about jhum cultivation in the UPSC training video, the faculty said “during Jhum cultivation, what happens is that these tribal people we have, these people neither have brains nor property nor land documents”.

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Last month, another UPSC training platform had called Gamosa an animal which led to the eruption of a massive social media controversy.

The outrageous incident also led to prominent leader of Assam and AASU chief Samujjal Bhattarcharya take to twitter demanding stringent action against such platforms.

“Strongly condemn @unacademy for its continuous insult to North-East India. Urge to immediately stop such malicious campaigns and get their facts correct before educating others. Demand stringent action against those platforms,” he wrote in a tweet.

Netizens got furious at Lalit Yadav after Unacademy’s video was circulated widely on various social media platforms. Here is how Twitterati reacted to the video.

The tutor posted another video online informing his students that he would be deleting the live video of the class. 

“Whatever words had been used in that video were wrong and it was not done intentionally,” he said, sending a heartfelt apology to students and audiences who watched the video.

“It is very important to stop such things, this is very important that we stop these things and change the mentality of people, for which we have to work together. In order to change the way people think, we have to converse together to find a solution to such problems,” said Yadav.

“Our present education system needs to be changed so that we can sensitize people about such stereotypes right from the beginning,” he added, further mentioning that people from such tribal communities are even bullied because of such a mentality.

He also defended himself saying that he has previously raised his voice against such discriminatory activities, even in his classroom and requested netizens to watch the full video on his Instagram handle before judging him.

“Just a small clip from the video is being circulated and people are being misled,” alleged Yadav.


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