Once again K-Pop cult has taken over Twitter with #Jikoook. What started as a simple discussion about Jimin’s apology to Junkook for biting his neck. Biting his neck? We had the same reaction. But ARMY seems to have come a long way with ‘Jikook’, a portmanteau word formed by blending Jimin and Jungkook’s names, from the world famous South Korean group BTS.

When a twitterati asked what was going on, an ARMY told him that Jimin and Junkook went drinking the night before a rehearsal, when Junkook picked Jimin up and spun him around. Jimin got dizzy and wanted Junkook to put him down but he didn’t, so Jimin bit him to make him stop.

The discussion isn’t just about that, some fans believe the two are secretly a couple and that the mark on Junkook’s neck was not just a regular bite mark but was a hickey, hence the end-less threads of conversation continue.

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The hashtag #Jikook is among the top trends on Twitter today with over 140K tweets at the time of filing this story and ARMY is not planning to stop talking about it anytime soon.

Here are some of the reactions from K-Pop and BTS ARMY on the platform discussing the same.

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