Nintendo's classic game Super Mario Bros sets new record
Nintendo's Super Mario Bros

First released in 1985, the Super Mario Bros game series was intended for Nintendo’s original gaming console. It gained massive popularity soon after its release and still has dedicated fans playing the game. But sometimes, fans’ love for the Nintendo classic can exceed all expectations. One such fan made headlines when it was announced that an unopened copy of Super Mario Bros was being bought by an anonymous buyer at a price of $2 Million (Approx. Rs. 14.84 Crores).

The record, according to collectables website Rally, earlier for the highest price paid for a video game of any title was a sealed copy of Super Mario 64 auctioned for $1.56 Million (Approx. Rs. 11.58 Crores). This shocking sale price of the 1985 game broke the record which was just set a month ago, and currently holds the title of the highest price paid for a video game.

The record has been broken multiple times over the past year. In July 2020, a copy of Super Mario was auctioned and sold for $114,000 (Rs. 84.64 Lakhs). The same year in November, another copy was sold at $156,000 (Rs. 1.15 Crores) in an auction. This year, the record was broken again in April at $660,000 (Rs. 4.90 Crores). Again, this year in July, a copy of The Legend of Zelda was sold at a price of $870,000 (Rs. 6.45 Crores).

Super Mario 1985 sale was on a slightly different system compared to other game auctions. The website Rally, generally buys items and invites people to invest in shares of those items. Then the investors decide whether to hold to the item or to sell when an offer comes for those items.

According to the New York Times, Rally bought the Super Mario 1985 game in April 2020 at a price of $140,000 (Rs. 1.03 Crores). Later in 2020, the investors passed on a $300,000 (Rs. 2.22 Crores) offer. On interviewing a graduate student, the publication revealed that the student invested $100 (Rs. 7,423) in the game shares and from the sale made a profit of $950 (Rs. 70,518).

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