Sikkim: Do not look at Rabong brawl from communal angle, cops appeal

Rabong: A day after a violent brawl broke out between the Tibetan Army Para Special Force and IRBn Jawans over a football game, the Sikkim police officers have appealed to the people of the state to “not see the incident from a communal angle”.

During a press conference held on Sunday, Sikkim Police DIG and Spokesperson Tashi Wangyal Bhutia, said, “We want to appeal, this is a stray incident, it’s a law and order incident that happened during the football game. To make this incident communal, to take this community-wise, is wrong. Everyone is celebrating Independence Day, everyone has enthusiasm about it. Our state wants to take it in that sense. Urge people to take it as such. There may be a few incidents being repeated. We are actively looking at such incidents.”

Sikkim Police claimed to have taken the aid of the Special Frontier Force to arrest five individuals. “I want to appeal that this is a simple law and order issue, do not see this as anything beyond it,” an officer said.

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“Yesterday, in Rabongla ground, during the independence Day football tournament between Special Frontier Force supporters and Sikkim Police’s IRBn Jawans, a clash had broken out. An attack had occurred upon on-duty personnel, three were injured, and one is being treated at a local hospital. The investigation has been initiated and the police had registered a case. Those injured are out of danger,” spokesperson Bhutia said.

“We will do the lawful investigation into the case. I urge everyone to see this from a very calm and level-headed perspective. Sikkim is a very peaceful state and I urge everyone to see it from that sense. This is my appeal,” he said.

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  1. Say whatever you wanna say Sikkim is one of the most communal places I’ve been. I am 100 % this was a communal riot , keep yelling madise madise all you want.

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