Gangtok: Chief Minister Prem Singh Golay launched the scheme of ‘One Family, One Entrepreneur’ in the state to ensure support through various schemes aiming at the youth and rural populace in the State.

At the Sikkim Grameen Udyami Sammelan held in Pakyong, East Sikkim organised by Sikkim Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Society, CM Golay was joined by his cabinet ministers along with scores of government officials and the public.

The occasion also marked the launch of the Sikkim Entrepreneurs Card to recognise entrepreneurs in the State with a devoted database in the dedicated web portal.

Chief Minister Golay stated, “One Family One Entrepreneur is different from One Family One Job. We are in the first generation of businesses, hence any kind of support from the government will come. The point is to bring the economy back to Sikkim instead of pushing the same outside as has happened in the past. We will lease our hotels to the locals, not outsiders. If businesses support, I will change the system. We are yet to change the system. Only the government has changed so far. I will not let myself change, even though the system tries. I am here to change the system. It has been unsuccessful, in the track, upcoming generation. You are giving livelihood to the government and its people,” he said to the entrepreneurs.

Chief Minister Golay acknowledged the troubles faced by businesses in the state over the pandemic. He also highlighted how the internet is a basic necessity for the growth of entrepreneurship and businesses in Sikkim. “Entrepreneurship and the hotel industry can’t function without the internet. But the bandwidth in the past was never increased. If we ask we get. We didn’t in the past. The internet system is the worst in Sikkim.”

Pushing the youth to take risks in life while also asserting the support, he asserted, “Sikkim needs a belief system in entrepreneurship, we are pushing for the same. No more the concept that government jobs are the only employment option…we need not rely on employing outsiders, we must have our beautician to even construction workers, women must come forth, we will support them in this endeavour. You must have the courage, those scared can’t and won’t. If you are only worried about losses, you won’t succeed. If you win, you lead, if you lose, you can guide.”

Golay termed SEED Cell to be the consultancy to learn and understand entrepreneurship. On SEED Cell, Golay stated, “Skill Youth Start-Up loan, many struggled with no connection to banks, hence SEED cell is used as a consultancy. Release subsidy first, people say. But start your business, you will get a subsidy. We have kept Rs 5 crore subsidy. In the supplementary budget, we will keep funds for our entrepreneurs..”

On Homestay as entrepreneurial ventures, Golay stated, “We are coming up with Mega Homestay project…there will be traditional houses and the funds have been approved. It is for all, not just selective supporters of the party.”

Golay also declared five-megawatt electricity to the locals with partners from outside, amongst various other schemes and benefits for the entrepreneurs. “We are hopeful that entrepreneurs will come forth. I will support, it’s my attitude. If the next Ambani and Adani must come from Sikkim, we must strengthen our belief system. We never do. We discourage and tell them to opt one family one job.”

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