Sikkim pollution

GANGTOK: Tadong constituency in Gangtok is one of the most populated constituencies in the state. With the highest number of residential buildings, the constituency is marred by two concerns water supply and waste disposal. Often the solution converges in dumping waste onto streams.

On the occasion of World Plastic Bag Free Day, upper Tadong MLA GT Dhungel surveyed and spread awareness in his constituency highlighting the importance of International Plastic Free Day. Dhungel visited many water sources in his constituency, which are often marred by the pollution either from the residentials in the constituency or further uphill in Gangtok, from where the water clogging in many of the streams begin from.

“The cleanliness of streams and its surrounding area are of utmost priority as you can see around the littering. Plastic is important but it equates and contributes to pollution. The plastic is often taken by animals, which they can’t digest. The non-biodegradable nature doesn’t allow it to be destroyed. There is no way that it can get mixed with the soil affects the quality of the soil. Which will directly affect our output and our health”, stated GT Dhungel.

The former bureaucrat also highlighted how the problem of littering and plastic is a major concern during the monsoon. As water bodies like streams, locally called Jhora and Dhara, are clogged by plastic. “Eventually the water clogging becomes so bad in many of these Jhoras that it results in breaking free, which for us is a landslide. Gangtok has been marred by many landslides and for years, this has been one of the major reasons. Along with rapid urbanization and the ensuing pollution, the situation in Gangtok is likely to get worse”, stated the Tadong MLA.

Emphasizing reuse, refuse, and recycle, Dhungel visited many wards in his constituency spreading the message among the residents.

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