On December 4, 2021, in what would have been an eventful pre-Christmas reunion of coal mine labourers with their......

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  1. Shocked and upset at this tragedy.. As a person living in Mumbai, I must say this incident is an eye opener, and I found myself in deep empathy with the affected people..
    The history and situation is complex, but the state when it uses violence must do so in a legal, moral and justifiable manner, and be accountable.
    With incidents like this – with so much suffering, it will only lead to more alienation.
    Deepest condolences and sympathy.
    I am avoiding making any other comments, as it may well be patronising to do so, without a thorough understanding.

  2. I have traveled widely in the North Eastern Indian states of Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Tripura during 1995-1997 for official work. Apart from the official work I was lucky enough to meet local peoples in Silchar, Assam, Mizoram and Nagaland.

    I have found them cultured , educated and keen listener as I have traveled from another part of the same country. I firmly believe that old fashioned Assam Disturbed Areas Act of 1955 and Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) of 1958 needs to be abolished. In no situation can para-military enforce power upon civilians. Can we think of implementing the same in violence in New Delhi NCR??

    India is a country where still we do not have equal facilities in all states. It’s 75 years after Independence and we are still facing this in a democratic country? Why cannot we build infrastructures and eradicate inequality? If we look to the North Eastern states for the Olympic medals how much more facilities we have given them compared to the National Capital and NCR??

  3. basically, give us our own country and we will stop the violence is what you’re saying. If you people weren’t separatists, none of this would have to happen. You can fight for 1 year or you can fight for 10 years or you can fight for 100 years, India is not giving up any inch of land. When will you learn this lesson. Those who call for separatism are the ones responsible for all the deaths, both of soldiers and of civilians.

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