Non-lab screening tool to assess cardiovascular diseases risk 85% accurate in Indian set up: Study
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New Delhi: A leading private hospital in Delhi on Monday said it has reported a rise in number of consultations for post-Covid cardiac complications, and its doctors claimed that the burden of heart diseases may increase in the coming months.

In a statement, Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals said lockdown-induced sedentary lifestyle has given rise to increase in diabetes, hypertension, smoking and stress among many people, leading to greater risk of cardiovascular diseases (CVDs).

The country has been batting the COVID-19 pandemic since early 2020, and saw the worst phase during its second wave, the peak being from April-June, with Delhi being badly affected where beds and oxygen crisis compounded people’s sufferings.

“The expected increase in the number of patients with heart-related complications is getting evident day by day as the number of consultations for post-Covid cardiac complications like myocarditis are gradually increasing,” the hospital claimed in a statement.

“People in their post-Covid recovery are facing such complications due to inflammation and damage caused by the virus in the body, and such damage becomes easier if any part of the body is slightly unhealthy,” it said.

Doctors at this leading private facility in south Delhi also claimed that the burden of heart disease may rise many-fold in the coming months.

With lockdowns and sedentary lifestyle during the pandemic, there is an “emergence of various new cases of CVDs”.

Changed patterns in sleeping and eating have made people more prone towards developing the risks of CVDs, as obesity, diabetes and hypertension have a direct link with the heart’s health, doctors said.

Another important factor is that the pandemic has infused hesitancy among people to go out for health check-ups. The fear of catching the coronavirus infection has kept various people away from visiting for regular health check-ups, and, as a reason, patients who were already suffering from heart-related problems are now visiting doctors with increased complications, the hospital said.

Dr Mukesh Goel, senior consultant, cardiothoracic and vascular surgery, Apollo hospital, said, “In comparison to the pre-pandemic times, we have observed a sharp decline in the number of patients visiting the OPD for the preventive health check-ups.

“These include patients who were suffering from cardiac ailments prior to the pandemic who are now not regular with their required health check-ups”.

Doctors said a decline in preventive health check-ups and post-Covid cardiac complications are expected to increase the caseload.

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