Kohima: Following an all-party meeting of the Nagaland legislators and party leaders of the NDPP, BJP and NPF at the state banquet hall in Kohima, the new nomenclature for the opposition-less government came to be known as the “United Democratic Alliance (UDA).

Speaking to journalists after the meeting, Neiba Kronu, minister for planning & coordination, land revenue and parliamentary affairs said “Today we had a lengthy discussion. We have discussed not only state politics but national politics. Following the visit of the chief minister and BJP leaders to Delhi, we decided to bring everyone together to brief and share opinions.”

During the meeting, the house resolved to rename the nomenclature of the party alliance, replacing the Nagaland United Government (NUG) nomenclature. “We will write to the speaker for the formation of United Democratic Alliance (UDA) as the nomenclature. The earlier nomenclature was okay, but few of our members feel that it is more appropriate to name it UDA,” he said.

Kronu informed that a letter stating the same will be submitted to the State Assembly speaker in a few days, after which all formalities will be followed.

The political parties had formed the opposition-less government on the pretext of the Naga political issue. Kronu said that the parliamentary panel on the Naga issue which comprises all legislators and both the two members of the parliament is “very serious.”

When asked about the sharing of portfolios, Kronu said “Everything is the prerogative of the chief minister and that we have not discussed.”

The big party alliance, during the meeting also unanimously reiterated the joint resolution between the three political parties signed earlier. As reported earlier, to actively facilitate the “Naga political Issue” towards achieving an inclusive, acceptable and honourable solution, as committed by the parties in its manifestoes, the political parties resolved to “aim at promoting the Naga peace talks with a positive approach in the greater interest of achieving peace and to move forward under a positive environment that is conducive towards finding a political solution at the time possible.”

The political parties had also resolved to stand together towards achieving the goal of acceptable settlement.

Nagaland chief minister Neiphiu Rio also took to Twitter saying “The nomenclature of United Democratic Alliance (UDA) for the Opposition-less Government in Nagaland has been unanimously resolved by the legislators and Party leaders of the @NDPPofficial@BJP4Nagaland, NPF and Independent MLAs.”

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