Turmeric has gained its due share of credit for being a superfood that can fight cancer, ease depression and has a whole lot of other benefits. Very similar to ginger in appearance, this spice is common in Indian, Southeast Asian, and Middle Eastern kitchens.

The spice may have been around for ages, but it wasn’t until the recent past that the western world discovered about its ‘Super’ qualities. It is said to have been around since the Harappan age, dating back to 4,500 BCE. Today, turmeric is a key component in food supplements, cosmetics and a common ingredient in most Indian dishes.

Healers have used turmeric for its medicinal properties and when boiled with milk and sugar, it proves as an efficient remedy for common cold. The juice from the root also helps heal wounds, bruises and insect bites. Turmeric may also be used an insect repellant in kitchens.

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Why Turmeric can be called THE Superfood

Helps cure viral infections

Curcumin helps fight off a variety of viruses, including herpes and the flu. Turmeric is only about 3% curcumin, and your body doesn’t absorb curcumin well, so knock yourself out on the spice to derive its benefit the most out of it.

Turmeric for PMS

Yes, there is finally a cure for premenstrual syndrome. Recent studies have shown that curcumin supplements help ease PMS symptoms suggesting that the spice could bring relief from menstrual cramps.

Lowers cholesterol levels

Some studies have shown turmeric to lower LDL “bad” cholesterol. Scientists continue to look into the heart-protective possibilities of turmeric. One small study found that turmeric can help ward off heart attacks in people who have had bypass surgery.

Turmeric for skin

Want better skin? Apply turmeric for reduction in acne and removal of dark circles. Turmeric works well against effects of sun damage. When used as an ointment, it brings a natural glow to the skin and increases anti-oxidants.

Turmeric has a natural anti-Inflammatory compound which makes it extremely beneficial for treatment of burns and ulcers. Turmeric’s healing power can also be used for treatment of wounds, cuts, gashes or boils. Turmeric helps treat eczema and psoriasis.

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Eases depression

There are numerous compounds in the root and one of these is curcumin. Scientists believe that curcumin has the potential to ease depression and help antidepressants work better.

Prevents diabetes

Curcumin has the ability to fight inflammation and keep blood sugar levels steady, it could be a useful tool to prevent or treat type 2 diabetes. Researches have shown that people with prediabetic conditions taking a curcumin supplement over 9 months lowered their odds of developing diabetes.

Other benefits

It boosts brain functions and reduces risks of brain diseases like Alzheimer’s. It protects lungs from pollution and toxins. Turmeric also fights ageing and age-related chronic diseases and is proven as an effective treatment for arthritis and joint pains.

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