The Beatles member Paul McCartney has confessed that he has heard BTS’ music and that he likes them

The Beatles are one of the greatest musical artists to exist in the history of boy bands and if there is a group that often gets called The Beatles of the 21st century, it is the South Korean boy band BTS.

Now, the Beatles member Paul McCartney himself has confessed that he has heard BTS’ music and that he likes them.

Paul was heard commenting on a recent Apple podcast where when the interviewer asked him if he listens to any boy band of this generation, Paul said he liked watching BTS and thought that they went through the same thing as them.

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To the question, “Is there an actual artist, boyband, or group that you listen to?” Paul was heard saying, “For me, it’s not really because of the music; it’s for their fans. Seeing some young kids go through what we went through, BTS, the Korean guys, I like watching them.”

He added that although he would not be able to probably sing their songs, they were “good.” “Seeing what’s going on, I think they’re good. I couldn’t sing one of their songs, but I like them,” he said.

BTS has reacted to being compared to the English boy band that ruled the world in the 1960s in the past. While attending the Wall Street Journal’s 10th Annual Innovators Award where they were given the 2020 music innovator award, BTS reacted to people making the comparison.

RM or Rap Monster said, “We’ve never ever been like The Beatles or even, like, more than them. We’re just like seven normal kids who love music and performance, who have a dream to give hope and love and positive energy and inspiration to the people in the world.”

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