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North East India is an amalgamation of hundreds of tribes and communities, all filled with its unique culture, food and traditions. It is the home to a variety of lip smacking delicious food items, which are less known to the rest of the world. The foods in the eight sisters have got to offer a radically distinctive style of cooking food, which might seem like a healthier choice to many people. As the chilly season knocks the door with the onset of November, brace yourself to satisfy the taste buds with some delicacies of this part of the world. These ten easy to make food items list is sure to cure all your winter woes with its warmth and nourishment.

1. Thukpa (Sikkim)

Although Thukpa has its roots in the eastern part of Tibet; it’s widely popular in the state of Sikkim across all communities. Combined with lots of vegetables, Thukpa is easy to make and satiates the stomach while providing warmth to the heart. This dish is considered as the epitome of comfort food by its locals and a bowl of this piping hot Thukpa can brighten anyone’s mellow evenings. Many people of the state also like to pair it with Momos which is another popular and favourite food item across all North Eastern states of India.

2. Zan (Arunachal Pradesh)

Simple to cook and delicious in taste Zan of Arunachal Pradesh is a popular porridge recipe of Arunachal Pradesh. Providing a roller coaster of flavours this appetizing spicy porridge is a perfect meal for winter days. One can be sure of good taste and nourishment; while enjoying the warmth of Zan this winter.

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This Diwali, go ‘Vocal for Local’ with these 3 unique Assamese products3. Til Pitha (Assam)

Traditional Assamese sweetmeals called Pithas are usually prepared from rice flour and jaggery. In the winter evenings of mid January, Assam gears up to celebrate its Bhogali Bihu which is a celebration of the bounty of nature’s harvest. During this time, every Assamese household prepares Pithas alongside a host of other delicacies to rev up the Bihu feast. Enjoy some home-cooked Til Pithas with a piping hot cup of tea, to make your winter evening or mornings warm and comfy.

4. Smoked pork ( Nagaland)

Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, traditionally cooked smoked pork of Nagaland will make you feel like eating more. As the temperature dips making you wear layers of woolens, provide your tummy with some Naga-style smoked pork. Its delicious flavors are sure to warm you from the inside.

5. Chi Al Meh (Manipur)

As winter cold sends chills down your spine, get yourself a savourful and aromatic Chi Al Meh. Chi Al Meh is an extremely healthy and delectable soup stew recipe of vegetables which shall leave you lip smackingly wanting more.

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6. Jadoh (Meghalaya)

Known for its aromatic taste and minimum use of oil, Jadoh of Meghalaya is usually a pork based delicacy of the Khasi people. It might seem similar to the biriyani of Nortn India as the rice is cooked with meat, but the spices used are much different in reality. This sumptuous dish is perfect for your winter cravings of a hot and luscious dish.

7. Gudok (Tripura)

Mostly made from vegetables and fermented fish, this favourite dish of Tripura used to be originally prepared in young wandal bamboo pipes. However, it can also be cooked in cooking pans, which might rob the authentic aroma and taste a bit; but would still be savoury and delectable to the mouth. This mashed delicacy is a wholesome meal sure to make you feel the warmth a hug during the wintertime.

8. Nga Atoiba Thongba (Manipur)

Another delectable dish, Nga Atoiba Thongba is a hot pasty fish curry which should definitely be on the list of non-vegetarians foodies on this winter. Here the fish is intentionally cut into bite sized pieces and cooked alongside other vegetable, so that the fish absorbs all authentic flavours of the ingredients. Do try this mouth watering dish to beat the upcoming chilly season.

9. Koat Pitha (Mizoram)

These delectable fritters of Mizoram can be quite addictive. Made with banana, rice flour and jaggery, Koat Pitha is a delicious sweet snack and is a must have for people who drool over sweet food items.

Non fried Koat pitha

10. Duck Meat with Ash Gourd (Assam)

During winter season, this dish made up of two classic ingredients finds a special place in Assamese households. The Ash Gourd combined with the oily duck meat comes together to give rise to a magical taste with a beautiful aroma. Made alongside some traditional spices and crushed black pepper, the traditional delicacy is an important part of Assamese celebrations. Best eaten with steamed rice, treat yourself with some traditional Assamese Duck Meat this winter.

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