MBBS candidates who signed a bond with govt will have to report and work for the govt

Shillong:Following Meghalaya governments notification to doctors in the state who signed a bond with the government to report for duty, ten doctors have reported for work, and two opted to pay the bond amount.

Director of Health Services, Dr Aman Warr confirmed that two doctors had chosen to pay the bond which ranges from Rs 10 Lakh and Rs 25 Lakh.

Dr War said that majority of those MBBS students (Khasi-Jaintia and Garo category) came forward after seeing the departments notification.

“The people who have got the MBBS seat from the open category have not responded to the notices issued by the State government,” said Dr Warr.

Some of the doctors could not be contacted as they changed their residential address. He added that the department would check with the colleges and try to get the address.

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“If they are reluctant to come back then they will have to repay the bond amount which they have signed. Otherwise we will have to take action as per the provisions in the bond agreement,” Dr Warr said.

The deadline for these doctors to come forward is August 31. If they fail to report notices will be served, and the same will be forwarded to the Superintendent of Police for necessary action.

Initially the bond amount was Rs 10 lakh, but the government in 2012 raised the bond amount to Rs 25 lakh and then to Rs 30 lakh in 2018.

“The students who have signed the bond agreement with the government from 2018 onwards are still pursuing their studies,” Dr Warr said.

Many of the doctors have paid the bond amount for not working in state government hospitals after completing their medical education in the state.

The state has collected over Rs 3 crore as bond amount penalty from such doctors in two years.

There are over 800 doctors in different government hospitals, Community Health Centres (CHCs) and Public Health Centres (PHCs) across the state who are actively working to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

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