Nyajut Hakhun, 22, was one of the four survivors of the ambush laid by insurgents that killed 11 people, including National People’s Party MLA Tirong Aboh and his 20-year-old son Credit: EastMojo image

Khonsa, Tirap: It’s been almost a month since National People’s Party (NPP) MLA Tirong Aboh, his 20-year-old son and nine others were brutally killed by suspected insurgents at Khonsa in Tirap district of Arunachal Pradesh.

The case, which was initially with the state police, was recently handed over to the National Investigation Agency (NIA). However, till date, the investigating agencies, may it be the NIA or the state police, have not been able to make any major breakthrough as such.

To find out more about the case, an EastMojo team went to Khonsa, the slain MLA’s native place, also the headquarters of Tirap district, recently. It was learnt that an NIA team was already on ground and were making several interrogations related to the case.

The EastMojo team also came across many individuals, some of whom obviously had their own stories to share. However, the one about Aboh’s maid, Nyajut Hakhun, was of particular interest.

Incidentally, Hakhun was one of the four survivors of the May 21 massacre near Bogapani in Tirap district and was reportedly missing for quite some time after the fateful incident. The 22-year-old Hakhun had been reportedly living with the Aboh family for the past four years.

Nyajut Hakhun, the slain MLA Tirong Aboh’s maid, was reportedly working for the Aboh family in Khonsa, Tirap in Arunachal Pradesh for the past four years

When EastMojo tried to find out more about her, it was learnt that the NIA has for the time being kept her under house arrest and was being interrogated frequently.

One of Aboh’s well-wishers, who did not want to be named, said Hakhun arrived in Khonsa on May 22, a day after the incident took place.

“According to her statement given to the police and the NIA, Nyajut was in the last car of the convoy that MLA Aboh was travelling in and when the miscreants opened fire at them. She said she ran away from the scene with the help a biker who was passing through the same road,” the well-wisher said.

She however, reportedly kept on changing her statement every time she spoke in front of investigating officials, the well-wisher added. The well-wisher went on to disclose that when NIA officials searched her room, they came across an HDFC Bank debit card as well as a credit card in her name.

“A debit card is understood to some extent. However, a maid owning a credit card has left us shocked. She reportedly had around Rs 29,000 in her account,” the well-wisher said.

“She used to visit expensive beauty parlours and put on make-up all day long. We are not judging anyone here, but this is a little strange for a maid,” said another source.

Meanwhile, most of Aboh’s family members and well-wishers whom the EastMojo team spoke with were of the suspicion that underground elements may have been using Nyajut as a ‘spy’ to keep tabs on Aboh’s movement and his lifestyle.

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The EastMojo team was also told that besides Hakhun, Aboh’s personal security officer (PSO) Nokliam Tekwa, who also survived the ambush without a scratch, is also being interrogated by the NIA. He, on the other hand, has been reportedly giving out the same statement that he allegedly played dead when the convoy was fired upon.

When NIA officials searched the room of Nyajut Hakhun (above), the slain MLA Tirong Aboh’s maid, they came across an HDFC Bank debit card as well as a credit card in her name

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