KK had heart blockages, could have been saved if CPR given on time: Doctor
Singer Krishnakumar Kunnath (KK)

Even as music fans recover from the shocking and tragic loss of KK, one of India’s most well-known singers, several people, especially those who knew him well during his formative years, are taking to social media to share amazing and heart-warming stories of the singer. Like the time when he was pelted with bottles and other flying objects by an angry crowd.

This incident happened in 1999 at Rang Bhawan, Pune during the Independence Rock gig. The gig opened with an act from a local band called ‘Strangers’ followed by the Indian metal legends ‘Millennium’. Right after Millennium concluded their set, KK took the stage to promote his debut album ‘Pal‘.

The audience (mostly metal fans) didn’t welcome this move as they wanted more from their favourite band ‘Millennium’. A few minutes into his song, KK was showered with flying bottles and other objects from the crowd. This didn’t stop him from singing as he dodged his way from the flying objects.

However, he decided to break into U2 and Van Halen covers to calm down the sea of metal fans in black t-shirts. Once the crowd settled, he urged them to give Hindi Rock a chance and continued with his original compositions.

Here is a video from that performance where KK is seen navigating his way from the plastic bottles thrown at him and singing with enthusiasm and positivity.

You can also check out a social media post by Brian D’Souza on the same.

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