Delhi may soon have tree adoption policy like Sikkim

New Delhi: The Delhi Forest Department is working on a policy that will allow institutions and individuals to adopt a tree and maintain it, according to officials.

“Considering Delhi is the national capital and people are aware of the importance of trees, we are keen on having a tree adoption policy for Delhi on the lines of Sikkim. However, it is still at the discussion stage and may take some time,” a senior forest official said.

The move is aimed at strengthening conservation policies and the relationship between people and nature, he said, adding that an individual or an organisation may adopt more than one tree.

The department will also conduct a survey to identify trees that are “very old and need care”, and prepare a database, the official said.

Resident welfare associations, market associations, schools, colleges, eco-clubs, non-government organisations etc. will be encouraged to adopt such trees.

It will also be ensured that the individuals and institutions adopting trees have certain experience in the field.

In Sikkim, the Sikkim Forest Tree (Amity & Reverence) Rules 2017 allow people to formally adopt a tree and enter a ‘Mitini’ or ‘Mith’ relationship, translating to sibling.

One can also adopt a tree as a child or in remembrance of a family member who has passed away.

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