Shillong: Thma U Rangli-Juki (TUR) leader Angela Rangad, who has been protesting to demand that the state government immediately release a financial assistance of Rs 2,100 promised to the daily wage earners last year, has been asked to vacate the entry gates of the main Secretariat building in Shillong.

Rangad, however, was defiant in her protest. “I am not going to vacate this area. My message to the DC and the government is that you should vacate your egos and the way that you function,” stated Rangad.

From holding laminated A4 sheet posters, Rangad’s posters eventually got larger thanks to local people’s support.

“Don’t Steal People’s Money,” her poster reads, in English and Khasi.

The Deputy Commissioner of East Khasi Hills District, Isawanda Laloo, has issued a letter to Rangad asking her to vacate the entry gate/premises at the earliest.

According to Laloo, the District Administration has forwarded her complaint to the concerned authority and had been informed that the labour department is working on it. Laloo in her letter also mentioned that sit-in protest or gathering at the entry/premises of the Main Secretariat building is restricted.

Rangad questioned what the labour department was doing all this while she has been raising the issue for more than a month now. “Now that I’ve become a constant reminder outside the gates, it seems to be working. So I will sit here till the last person gets that financial assistance. I have followed all the Covid protocols and I’ve been sitting here alone. It’s not that I want to sit alone, in fact, many people who have been denied this right have been wanting to come out to take out a rally. It’s just because of COVID and we don’t want to endanger anybody and that is why it is a protest like this,” said Rangad.

Rangad has also claimed that the scheme she has brought to light is one of the many and that there are many failures of the government when it comes to delivery of entitlement.

She also urged people with grievances to come forward and meet in front of the gates of power and turn these gates of power into gates of grievances and the power should be returned to the people.

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