Imphal: The United Naga Council (UNC) has said that Nagas living in Manipur will boycott the upcoming Republic Day celebrations on January 26 as a part of its non-cooperation against the Government of India.

The decision was taken during an emergency presidential council meeting of the UNC to express the strong displeasure of the Naga people at the delaying of the mutually-agreed historic ‘Framework Agreement’ signed on August 3,  2015, between two entities recognizing sovereign rights of the Naga People as the basis for an honourable solution to the Indo-Naga political talks.

The council has unanimously re-affirmed support of the Naga people to the ongoing political talks between the Centre and the NSCN-IM.

The UNC said it takes serious note of continuous denial of the legitimate political rights of the Nagas and thereby dishonouring and imposing various bi-lateral political agreements between the Nagas and the different regimes of India over the years. 

The council also urged all Nagas across borders to come forward and stand together to defend their rights to live as dignified people.

It was declared that Naga-Akbar Hydari Accord (Nine Point Agreement), signed on June 28, 1947, was unilaterally abrogated by the Government of India on the ground that “it is a commitment of a by-gone era”.

The meeting also declared that the Government of India forcibly created Nagaland State in 1960, without the consent of the Naga people and the Naga National Council (NNC).

It was the Government of India that put the newly created Nagaland state under President’s Rule and coerced a section of the NNC leaders to sign the Shillong Accord on 11th November 1975 at Shillong without consent of the Naga people, stated the UNC.

It further said that while the talks were going on in the Third Neutral Country outside India, it was the Government of India that invited the NSCN leaders to New Delhi in 2005, to expedite the Indo-Naga political settlement, but the talks have still made no headway. 

UNC also mentioned that the Historic Framework Agreement was signed on August 3, 2015, between two entities (India and Naga) to serve as guiding principle to bring early political solution to the Indo-Naga political conflict. 

However, the declaration of the agreement by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, stating “the agreement is a shining example of what we can achieve when we deal with each other in a spirit of equality, respect, trust and confidence…We mark not merely the end of a problem but the beginning of a new future…We will not only try to heal wounds and resolve problems, but also be your partner as you restore your pride and prestige… It is a lesson and inspiration in our trouble world,” still remains unfulfilled even after six years, said UNC.

The Naga apex body further mentioned that the recent massacre of Naga youths at Oting village in Nagaland’s Mon district on December 4 and 5, 2021 is yet again a barbaric display of genocide and an undeclared war against Nagas by the Indian Army under the cover of the Armed Forces Special Power (AFSPA) Act, 1958. Such draconian law be repeal at the earliest, it added.

According to UNC, all the appeals made by the people for an early Indo-Naga political solution remained brazenly unheeded by the Government of India. The Naga people will never accept any peace meal or imposed solution outside the letter and spirit of the Historic Indo-Naga Framework Agreement, it added.

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